How to wind large curls

How to wind large curls

To whatever fluctuations the fashion was subject, romantic womanly curls are always popular. They equally well look both in the dismissed look and in evening hairstyle, approach practically any clothes and style. And yet curls are more attribute of festive attire, the hairstyle intended for solemn occasions.

It is required to you

  • - hair curlers or nippers for hair of large diameter;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - mirror;
  • - skin or styling gel;
  • - hairspray;
  • - mirror.


  1. To receive beautiful large curls, they need to be wound correctly. First of all it is necessary to pick up hair curlers or the curling iron of the corresponding diameter. Hairdressers claim that when choosing hair curlers their diameter has to be approximately twice thicker than the desirable size of curls. The same treats also nozzles for nippers and curling irons. To create large curls or waves, hair curlers or nippers of large diameter will be necessary.
  2. Before beginning to wind hair, they need to be prepared correctly. At first wash up the head and properly dry it. To wind moist hair it is useless - curls will not keep. Then comb hair and grease them with the fixing gel or skin for laying. If hair at you thin or very elastic, are necessary especially strong fixing means. However you watch that hair at their use did not stick together.
  3. Begin to wind hair from the lower locks. That curls were strong and hard, hair curlers have to adjoin to roots of hair most densely. For this purpose take lock in hand, turn it a little around axis that the soft flagellum was formed, and wind it on hair curlers in the direction of growth of hair. In this case curls will look as natural.
  4. If hair at you dense, wind them in several rows: at first lower locks, then upper. While you wind the lower row, upper hair should be collected on the top and to fix by clips or hairpins. At wave do not pull lock too hardly. You should have no feeling of stiffness of head skin.
  5. Having wound hair on all head, once again properly dry their phenom. You hold hair curlers on the head as long as you are allowed by time. After they are removed, do not comb curls brush or frequent hairbrush. Instead accurately sort them fingers and give them the desirable form. Then in addition you sprysnit laying by the fixing hairspray. In this case your hairstyle will hold on for all day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team