How to wind long hair it is beautiful

How to wind long hair it is beautiful

Long hair are luxury, they demand careful leaving and care every day. Even simply dismissed on shoulders - they already draw attention. And the beautiful wave and laying can make you star of evening. It is not obligatory to go to salon for this purpose at all.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrushes (massage and combs);
  • - means for laying (foam, mousse, wax, varnish);
  • - hair dryer (if necessary);
  • - hair curlers.


  1. Turning - one of the most available and safe options of laying of long hair. Be defined that you want to try - natural curls or large waves, small curls, or, maybe, cloud of fluffy hair? All this and many other things you can make houses.
  2. If the purpose - small curlies on all length of hair, are necessary for you classical hair curlers of the smallest diameter (hair curler) or vertical. Wind on them wet hair, having only slightly dried towel the ends. For strengthening of effect (especially if hair very long) use skin with average or strong effect. If time allows, let's hair dry naturally.
  3. The more there will be hair curlers, the larger and softer the wave will turn out. The elasticity and firmness of curl depends on length, density and type of your hair. After you have removed hair curlers, it is possible to arrive differently. If you carefully comb hair massage brush, receive as a result just beautifully streaming hair. Magnificent and elastic, but without accurate curls. The way is ideal for giving of volume to hair. But if you want curls, try the following option.
  4. Before turning use means of preliminary fixing. After the head has dried, remove hair curlers, without combing hair, stir up them. For someone it will already be the most beautiful hairstyle. Then, at will carefully brush the hair with the largest and rare comb to keep structure of curls. Or just shake up hair hands. Right after it process curls varnish of strong or average fixing.
  5. Besides usual hair curlers (in the form of cylinder), recently cone-shaped enjoy the increasing popularity. With their help you can do very natural hair. Also any hair curlers can be wound not to roots. It is possible to combine hair curlers of the different sizes, or straight hair with curled. You can not wait for full drying, and remove from even slightly moist hair and finally dry their phenom. Options set for every taste and type of hair, experiment though every day.
  6. Do not forget about the retroways allowing hair to do without hair dryer, and to you - to get enough sleep. For example, the wet braids for the night unfairly forgotten today and also turning on rags, etc. The more small the braid or locks, subjects will be is more grandiose by result. You can receive as a result huge cloud of hair from which it is possible to model anything. Very effectively, for example, the voluminous flowing hair bound by tapes looks.
  7. Even if the result will be unexpected - at all be not upset! There are many small cunnings. The faded curl can be recovered, having applied droplet of mousse (skin) of strong fixing on the tip. You will easily smooth too abrupt curls if you walk on them the moistened hairbrush. And the most extreme option - on this basis try to make something essentially new. For example, if does not arrange type of flowing hair - remove part of locks upward, having left the most successful curls.
  8. Beauty of hair depends on their health. If you did chemical wave or coloring recently, hair will quicker be wound and will longer hold laying. But they need additional protection - use the sparing means for laying and modeling. Hair curlers should not be metal. Choose cosmetics for hair with vitamins and as nutritious to substances, especially in the winter and in the early spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team