How to wipe hair-dye

How to wipe hair-dye

Modern paints rather resistant. It is good when color long keeps on hair. But sometimes there are small troubles in the form of hit of drops of paint on floor or clothes. There are awkward dabs on head skin. It is difficult to remove bright unpleasant spots. It is important to know what means for this purpose need to be used.

It is required to you

  • Hydrogen peroxide solution, liquid ammonia, lemon, cucumber, toothpaste, baking soda, vinegar.


  1. To remove spot from paint from clothes task difficult, but quite solvable. Mix liquid ammonia with hydrogen peroxide. Dilute 1 teaspoon in glass of water. Warm up mix to 60 degrees. Moisten cotton pad in solution and wipe spot. Then wash thing, as usual.
  2. Spots from skin can be removed with various means. - To apply vegetable or olive oil to skin and to leave at several o'clock. After to wash away warm water. - Rub segment of lemon or cucumber the polluted site. - Alcohol or acetone - universal solvents, but affect skin annoyingly. Apply couple of drops on cotton pad and take compress several minutes. - Apply toothpaste on spot and wipe. Later wash away warm water. - Baking soda is used long since for removal of spots of various character and surfaces. Mix it with several drops of water before formation of gruel. Apply this mix on the polluted site of skin and take some time. Later wash away warm water.
  3. If splashes of hair-dye have got on carpet or upholstered furniture, then as soon as possible remove it with wet towel wipes. Then moisten sponge in soap solution and accurately wipe it. The quicker you will begin to remove spot, the it is more than chances of success.
  4. With delicate fabrics it is necessary to work carefully. Remove thing and substitute it under stream of cold water. Later wash in warm soap water. If the spot completely was not removed, do not dry thing on the battery or the iron. Iron clothes when it is absolutely dry.
  5. The spot from suede is deleted only with crust of black bread or special sponge. If paint has got on leather products, wipe the site of pollution with the cotton tampon moistened in oil. From white skin of spot are removed vinegar or lemon juice.
  6. If hair-dye has got on linoleum, quickly wipe spot. Then wipe with the soft rag moistened with solution of peroxide of hydrogen and liquid ammonia.

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