How to work with pigments

How to work with pigments

represent dry color powder. In fact it is the same eye shadow, but without binding components which do them compact. It is paint in pure form. Application of pigments is so extensive that allows to use them concerning the person, nails, hair and all body.

Professional makeup artists love pigments for the saturation, purity of color and opportunity to mix them among themselves, receiving new shades. They dense layer lay down on skin and allow to achieve various effects: from metal gloss to completely opaque surface.

Pigments in make-up

Traditionally dry pigments are used as friable eye shadow. That they were not showered, it is necessary to put pigments with flat brush with short rigid hairs. Do not do wide movements, drive in paint into skin. For shading and giving to make-up of a complete type century use thin fluffy brush.

Mixing opaque dark beige or brown pigment with light foundation, it is possible to create more dark shade. Nacreous pigments of the same flowers will easily replace bronzator, skin will get subtle shade of suntan and soft shine. It is possible to replace shimmer or highlighter by means of light-beige pigment with golden impregnations. Gather it on wide brush and slightly touch forehead, chin and upper part of cheekbones. As blush pink, crimson and peach pigments will approach.

Dry pigments will be suitable also for make-up of lips. They perfectly mix up with any gloss or lip balm. At the same time it is possible to use as one color, and at once a little, creating exclusive which anybody does not have. Not to spend cosmetics in vain, apply couple of strokes of gloss on piece of plastic and slowly implicate paint. Having achieved desirable result, apply the received shade on lips by means of the applicator or brush. Exclusive color of eyeliner will turn out if to bring eyelid the damp thin brush moistened in pigment. Dry toner is well dissolved in liquid. Use it, having added light nacreous pigment to spray or body lotion, gel or styling foam. It will give beautiful nacreous blinking.

Pigments in manicure

The easiest way to use pigments in manicure – to add them to bottle with colourless varnish. That color has turned out uniform, add couple of small metal balls there and well shake up. Dry inks are popular with masters in nail extension. They can be added to acrylic or gel, creating various shades. That gel has not lost the properties, the maintenance of dry pigment should not exceed 5%. Acrylic is admissible to be mixed in proportion 50 on 50.

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