How to worry winter without prejudice to skin

How to worry winter without prejudice to skin

In the winter face skin and bodies is exposed to aggressive influence of frosts, ice winds, the overdried air in rooms. Because of it she requires the special care providing good nutrition, moistening and protection. To worry winter without prejudice to skin you will be helped by advice of cosmetologists.

Winter face skin care

In cold season the face skin becomes especially sensitive and angry. Therefore for its clarification it is necessary to choose softer means intended for dry skin. It is desirable to use srub and peeling not more often than once a week. In the morning, instead of washing, the face can be wiped with the cleaning milk. Instead of tonics the cosmetologists advise to use broths of herbs – camomiles, sage, mint, turns or calendulas which will give to skin elasticity and will remove irritation.

Before exit to frost on face it is necessary to put protective cream with beeswax and animal fats. Decorative cosmetics - foundation, lipstick, shadows and blush - also have to contain protective ingredients, for example - the mink fat creating protective film on skin.

Ink with lanolin and castor oil will take care of eyelashes in winter time.

It is desirable to soften face skin with the nutritious or moisturizing cream with vitamins in the evening. Creams with glycerin, silicone, hyaluronic acid and also natural cosmetic oils will help to worry winter without feeling of tightness of skin to you. Do not forget also about nutritious masks which should be done more often than in warm season in the winter. Perfectly the house mask from teaspoon of cosmetic oil (almond, jojoba, avocado), one yolk and teaspoon of broth of St. John's wort nourishes and softens skin. Apply mix to skin for 20 minutes, then remove the cotton tampon moistened in broth of herbs or boiled water.

If from frost on face skin there is vascular reticulum, use cosmetics with vitamins C and To, strengthening vessels.

Body skin care

In the winter body skin also becomes more sensitive and dry. Most often it is connected with the fact that because of heaters air in rooms becomes overdried. To fix this problem, it is necessary to get humidifiers or to put about heating devices vessels with water. If after the cold street you want to be warmed in heat bath, do not pour water more hotly than 37 wasps. Too hot water washes away natural fat layer from the surface of skin, and she becomes even thinner and more irritable. After bathtub surely you apply nutritious cream or lotion on body.

For bathtubs in cold season it is possible to add honey, milk, white clay, broths of herbs to water.

Food for health of skin

That your skin without damage has worried winter, increase in the diet quantity of animal products with the high content of proteins and fats. It is sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, meat, fish, nuts, eggs. Limit consumption of coffee, having replaced it with green tea and infusions of herbs – melissa, mints, dogrose. Begin to accept capsules with vitamins A and E and also cod-liver oil.

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