How urgently to lose weight in 2 weeks

How urgently to lose weight in 2 weeks

best weight loss is when kilograms thaw slowly but surely. Ideally it is quite enough to lose about 500 grams a week, such rate of weight loss is least fraught with so-called effect of the yo-yo. But sometimes there is need to lose weight as soon as possible, in this case the two-week express diet which will allow to dump up to 10 kg of excess weight can well help.

To lose weight quickly

The two-week diet well suits those who love meat and well transfers it. Nevertheless you should not forget that the speech at the same time goes about so-called mono-diet therefore it is possible to start at it only at full confidence about excellent condition of own health, well and certain share of discipline at the same time too will be useful. If during this term at least occasionally to give in to temptation and to overset the ordered plan of food, it is better to give up hope for fast weight loss at once.

Such diet best of all is suitable for the bustlers wishing to dump quickly small amount of the weight gained, for example, for holidays.

Admissible products

During observance of diet, sugar and alcohol in any forms are forbidden. Salt should using very accurately, and as fats use of vegetable oils in small amounts, for example, olive is authorized. As seasonings it is allowed to use spicy herbs and vinegar in any quantities transferred by organism. Also it is impossible to forget about drink. 2-3 liters of liquid have to become indispensable condition to give to organism the chance to wash away from itself the toxins which are formed when melting fats.

Food during diet

The breakfast during observance of diet can consist of cup of unsweetened black coffee and sandwich from the dried bread and piece of low-fat cheese. For lunch and dinner boiled eggs, stakes and natural beef, low-fat pork cutlets, indyushachya breast, chicken meat without skin, stewed meat, low-fat ham are resolved. As garnish spinach, tomatoes, celery, sheet salads and cucumbers in unlimited number are allowed. The use of crude cabbage or carrots in small amounts is occasionally allowed. Once a day it is possible to eat apple, no other carbohydrate eases by diet are provided.

For successful dropping weight it is necessary to connect sport to diet, even hour walk will help to achieve desirable result quicker in the open air.

Advantages of diet

Action of diet can be noticed in the first 2-3 days when the unnecessary water which has accumulated in it begins to leave organism. Thus it will turn out to lose about 3 kg. In the next days the organism can lose 300-400 grams a day, and by the end of the second week the weight can be lost in total on 7-10 kg. High content of proteins and amino acids in diet will push organism to use of fat deposits without muscle bulk has suffered.

Diet shortcomings

On the other hand large amount of protein in food can have an adverse effect on health of kidneys. Besides, if to be fond of diet and to continue to adhere to it constantly, it by all means will affect the state of health. Unilateral food will at once result in deficiency of the minerals and vitamins necessary for normal functioning of human body.

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