How very quickly to grow hair

How very quickly to grow hair

The intensity of growth of hair is put genetically. And, unfortunately, the speed of their updating is not so big, about 1-2 cm a month. However set of internal factors interfere even with what is put by the nature. And as a result quickly to grow hair becomes rather difficult, quite often to have to shear also split ends. It is possible to correct this situation, having excluded all adverse moments and having provided the correct hair care.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins;
  • - mustard, pepper brandy tincture, aloe juice;
  • - honey, carrots juice, egg, vegetable oils.


  1. For the normal state and health the hair need strengthening, first of all, from within, i.e. daily intake of proteins, vitamins, mineral salts. And as the organism receives their main part from food, enrich the diet with useful products: the carrots, cereals, nuts which are not refined by vegetable fats, fruit, greens.
  2. Daily eat handful of sunflower seeds of pumpkin and sunflower. They contain vegetable fats, fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc. They are simply necessary for growth of hair. Use fermented milk products, butter, eggs – source of proteins, sulfurs, vitamins. From drinks surely drink clear water - to 8 glasses a day and 2-3 cups of green tea with lemon and honey.
  3. Try to eat the vegetable food which has not undergone heat treatment. It contains more useful substances and is in the raw irreplaceable for intestines. The condition of skin, hair and nails depends on its activity.
  4. During the periods of the slowed-down growth of hair or their excessive loss accept in addition vitamins. A, E, C, B and microelements copper, magnesium, iron, zinc are of special value.
  5. Normal blood supply of hair bulb and receipt to it all useful substances requires good blood circulation. It can achieve regular trainings by sport. Indicator of high-quality physical activity is the perspiration on skin. For achievement of such result you will choose intensive sport – shaping, aerobics, vigorous dances.
  6. At the end of the day do massage of head skin, and once a week before washing of hair use during substance massage, stimulating rush of blood to hair bulb. Such action juice the aloe, mustard, pepper tincture possess. Add 1-2 drops (pinch) of any of them to 2 tablespoons of olive or burdock oil and, having blotted in it fingertips, rub means in head skin. These products can quite be components of any mask for hair.
  7. The most effective masks for hair are that consist their products, vitamin-rich and the minerals necessary for growth and health of hair. These are vegetable oils, especially sea-buckthorn, burdock and cedar, carrots juice, honey, egg yolk, onions juice, crumb of gray bread. They can be combined or used separately. For increase in nutritional value of mask it is useful to add to it, irrespective of structure 2-3 capsules of oil solution of vitamin A and E.
  8. Do mask before each washing of the head. Apply it on damp roots of hair and that it did not dry and was better absorbed, create heat – wrap hair oilcloth and woolen scarf. In 30 minutes carefully wash them with water, shampoo and soften with balm.
  9. Important condition for the normal growth of hair is the condition of nervous and endocrine system. Failures in their work are often connected with the avitaminosis, stresses broken by work-rest schedule, hypodynamia and other harmful factors. Without their exception it is possible not to dream of health and beauty of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team