How visually to increase breast

How visually to increase breast

There are several ways to visually increase breast. Correctly picked up clothes and underwear will help. It is also possible to use cosmetics and accessories.

It is required to you

  • - bronzator or the sparkling powder;
  • - push-ap bra;
  • - long beads.


1. Small breast – not problem if to know some cunnings. The first step – correct posture. If you are to stoop, then the volume of this part of body will only decrease. Straighten shoulders, take away them back and slightly lower. You hold back directly, pull in stomach and you keep in tone, and slightly take away basin back. Always control yourself, you watch pose and gait.

2. Visually correctly picked up underwear will help to increase the breast size. Pick up bra of the necessary size and necessary form. The push-ap bra will help to shift and at the same time to raise both breasts, and it will give additional volume. It is possible to find linen with special foam or silicone inserts in shops. But this option is not combined with deep decolletes.

3. If you want to increase breast, then choose the correct clothes. Select things of light tones. For example, it will be especially favorable to look white. At the same time the lower part of set has to be monophonic and it is desirable dark. Choose decollete of suitable forms: square, trapezoid or V-shaped. But you remember that too deep cut can spoil everything. High or volume collars are appropriate too. And the fitting dresses, t-shirts and jackets it is better to avoid. You will suit models of free styles more. Some details will help to add volume: frills, flounces, ruches, folds. But do not go too far, otherwise the situation will be aggravated. Choose tops, jackets, sweaters and dresses in horizontal strip or with large drawings.

4. You show consideration for the choice of accessories. The thick chain which is at the level of breast can visually reduce volumes. But long beads or thin chain with pendant will make breast more appetizing and sexual. But be limited to one accessory and do not choose too bright and bright, otherwise all attention will be paid to it, but not to body.

5. Visually cosmetics will help to increase breast. Use the sparkling powder or bronzator. To the area of depression in the ground put bronzator of dark tones, and by light bronzator designate the acting parts. Shade all lines and transitions that there were no obvious contours. It is important not to be overzealous with cosmetics, otherwise you will look ridiculously and unnaturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team