How without serious consequences to pull out eyebrows

How without serious consequences to pull out eyebrows

deserve huge attention to themselves though the naturalness is fashionable now, but giving of the correct form – key to perfection of shape. Therefore plucking out of eyebrows became almost weekly ritual for most of girls. This procedure not from pleasant, is followed by the small aching pain, lachrymation of eyes, sneezing and swelling of skin. As without serious consequences to pull out eyebrows?

It is required to you

  • - tweezers;
  • - mirror;
  • - fat face cream;
  • - cosmetic disks;
  • - ice cubes.


  1. Be prepared for the procedure of plucking out of eyebrows. Get mirror on support and put before yourself, so your hands will be free. Pinch eyebrows only at good lighting (either before window, or near fluorescent lamp), otherwise it is possible to leave excess hairs. Disinfect skin of hands, tweezers and skin around eyebrows. Define for yourself shape of eyebrows which suits you.
  2. In critical days the susceptibility of women to pain considerably increases so it is better to wait for propitious moment (when the periods end). After plucking out, skin reddens and slightly swells up a little therefore it is better to start this procedure in the evening. In night, skin will completely be recovered.
  3. Take fat face cream and properly impregnate eyebrows and area around them. At the same time hairs and skin are softened that considerably reduces pain. To achieve the best result, take each hair closer to root and pull out the sharp movement. You watch that the tweezers took only one hair.
  4. Before plucking out of eyebrows make warm compress. For this purpose take cosmetic disks or gauze napkins and moisten in hot water, slightly wring out and apply on eyebrow, leave for several minutes. The warm compress will steam out eyebrows, and hairs will be pulled out much easier. Pinch eyebrows after acceptance of bathtub or campaign in sauna. At this time time is expanded, and this procedure becomes not so painful.
  5. The following method of plucking out of eyebrows is directly opposite to previous. Take from the freezer ice cubes (it can be the usual frozen water or the calming broths of herbs which will reduce pain and beauty after the procedure), process eyebrows and leather around them. Then it is possible to undertake safely tweezers, unpleasant feelings, of course, will remain, but you will not feel severe pain any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team