Hyaluronic acid for moistening of face skin

Hyaluronic acid for moistening of face skin

The person for 80% consists of water, this truth is proved long ago and is not subject to doubt. Water fills vessels and capillaries, transferring nutrients and deleting fulfilled. Moisture is also part of the connecting fabric supporting the volume of body and turgor of skin. Hyaluronic acid in organism is responsible for keeping of moisture in fabrics.

Gialurat of sodium is valuable polysaccharide and maintains in sufficient for normal activity of organism amount of collagen and elastane. It holds moisture in gel state, giving the chance to function to skin, joints, bones and sight. While the person is young, completion of hyaluronic acid happens quickly and naturally, but with age all exchange processes slow down, wrinkles and flabbiness of integuments develop.

The collagenic fibers forming epidermis at the same time lose elasticity and volume. Completion of reserves of valuable acid is prevented by stresses, smoking, improper feeding and heavy ecological situation in the modern cities.

The properties of "the keeper of youth" opened in the thirties the last century, hyaluronic acid scientists so often call, has allowed cosmetology to reach new level. Skin, dry, inclined to appearance of wrinkles, requires care by the means containing hyaluronic acid. Today cosmetologists of the whole world use it in lotions, creams, serums and for subcutaneous injections in beauty shops.

Gel with acid can be applied to skin by means of devices with galvanic current and is entered into its deep layers.

Moistening of face skin by means of such cosmetics is most effective when the molecule of gialuron of sodium has the structure allowing it to get into deep skin layers and to napityvat them reviver. Such conditioning agents are called high-molecular and they are much more expensive than those that create the protective moistening layer on the surface of skin. This cosmetics is considered low-molecular, it is cheaper and is more widespread, has also anti-inflammatory effect. Cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, certainly, render the rejuvenating effect, but it cannot be compared to the saloon procedure at which skin receives nutritious "cocktail" from vitamins, nutrients and the salutariest acid. The structure is stuck under skin by the cosmetologist. It defines places for pricks and their quantity in advance. Small doses the expert enters "cocktail" on all perimeter of the person. The effect of such procedure sticks to about 6 months. Face skin is smoothed, wrinkles are reduced and the internal shine peculiar to youth appears, its natural oval is also restored. After half a year the procedure is repeated if there are no contraindications and allergic reactions to previous.

This saloon procedure is called mesotherapy and is carried out only by professional cosmetologists.

"Filling" of deep, noticeable wrinkles became the second method of deep rejuvenation of face skin. Such number of useful structure which is enough for skin smoothing is entered into places of their arrangement. Effect of the procedure can be noticeable from 3 to 5 years, and duration of effect depends on way of life which is conducted by the woman. The chemical peeling which stimulates response of skin to influence of strong acids can replace mesotherapy. At stress from the structure applied by the cosmetologist to skin hyaluronic acid is produced naturally, moistening woman's face. Courses of chemical peeling are recommended to conduct once a year. They lead to saturation of face skin moisture, to improvement of her natural immunity broken, for example, after long-term by acne.

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