Hyaluronic acid for skin youth

Hyaluronic acid for skin youth

Each woman dreams that her skin remained young and tightened as long as possible. The person - the business card of the woman also will help to keep it in tone hyaluronic acid.

Many experts consider that hyaluronic acid is nearly panacea from all cosmetology problems. But as far as it is close to the truth?

Hyaluronic acid is produced by cells of connecting fabric. Approximately up to 25 its years it is made much, but then synthesis is reduced.

Importance of hyaluronic acid is that it stimulates production of elastin and collagen which are responsible for elasticity of integument. In the presence in skin cells of enough hyaluronic acid the optimum water balance is maintained. When it becomes less, it harmful affects skin. Dim complexion, dryness, the first wrinkles - here signs that application of means with the content of hyaluronic acid is necessary.

So-called ""beauty pricks"" is general name of all injections applied by cosmetologists. And most often as a part of these injections hyaluronic acid contains. It enjoys wide popularity as it is well acquired by organism.

""Beauty pricks"" with hyaluronic acid apply under certain conditions. First, these injections are irreplaceable at disposal of age changes. Secondly, hyaluronic acid will help at skin dehydration. And thirdly, it is applied at planimetric plastics, by means of acid it is possible to level face form or to increase lips.

In creams the content of hyaluronic acid is insignificant a little. Therefore for manifestation of accumulative effect it is necessary to apply them twice a day. But you should not wait for serious and rapid change to the best.

Serums with the content of hyaluronic acid are more effective, than cream. In serum high concentration of acid therefore apply such means not daily, and courses. For example, course for two weeks several times a year. The effect will be shown after the first course.

Hyaluronic acid and also the means containing it is not recommended to be used to pregnant women and the feeding women. Also contraindication are inflammatory processes on face skin. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team