Hydrosulphuric bathtubs: features of reception

Hydrosulphuric bathtubs: features of reception

Hydrosulphuric bathtubs – the procedure at the same time medical and cosmetology. The mechanism of impact of hydrogen sulfide on skin and organism in general is ambiguous therefore for the effect expressed ozdorovitelno it is necessary to meet number of conditions.

The advantage of hydrosulphuric bathtubs of subjects is higher, than active agent – hydrogen sulfide is more concentrated in it. It represents the gas almost insoluble in water possessing very unpleasant smell reminding rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide can contain both in surface water, and in those which get by means of artesian wells.

It is proved that reception of hydrosulphuric bathtubs activates blood circulation, normalizes work of cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, endocrine and nervous systems.

For hydrogen sulfide the skin and mucous membranes of the little man are not obstacle: for this gas they are easily pronitsayema. At its concentration exceeds 250 mg/l, gas gets to blood. It is generally removed from organism through kidneys, but its insignificant quantity leaves body by means of respiratory system. Part of hydrogen sulfide participates in formation of the organic compounds capable to hold cholesterol in the dissolved state. It prevents its adjournment on walls of vessels.

As the impact of hydrogen sulfide on organism which is very expressed at reception of bathtubs is required observance of number of rules. The main thing from them is that it is authorized to immerse body in bioactive water only to thorax level.

During the procedure it is necessary to lie quietly, it is the is best of all – not movably. It will prevent gas discharge from water and its concentration in it will not decrease. Before reception of bathtub it is not recommended to make foot walks or to load with any else image organism. Physical tension during treatment is undesirable. Overeating is unacceptable, but also on an empty stomach it is impossible to take bath too. It is better if the last meal occurs in 1-2 hours prior to the improving session. Alcohol intake is inadmissible, too it is necessary to refrain from smoking. Non-compliance with these requirements not only will reduce efficiency of treatment, but can cause undesirable consequences. In balneolechebnitsa it is desirable to come in advance, minutes for 10-15. It will allow to relax and be adjusted on positive effect from the forthcoming procedure. But if the health unimportant, is better to refuse it. If body temperature is increased, there are headaches, nausea, weakness, in this state the session is contraindicated. After reception of hydrosulphuric bathtub the balneolechebniyets should not hurry to leave. In any of them there is recreation room in which it is possible to relax and have a rest, helping organism to endure the stress caused by influence of active gas. During rest the position of body can be any: if it is more convenient to sit, it is necessary and to make. But it is better if the recovery period passes in prone position. As a rule, after reception of hydrosulphuric bathtub the reddening of skin and mucous membranes is observed. It is connected with the fact that gas influences not only skin blankets, but also more deeply located fabrics. It leads to activization of all physiological processes. In particular, under its influence the corpulent cages begin to produce heparin and histamine actively. Therefore it is necessary to understand that reception of hydrosulphuric bathtubs – the procedure serious and it is necessary to treat it responsibly.

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