Hygiene of mouth: how to look after teeth

Hygiene of mouth: how to look after teeth

Teeth daily are affected by many factors. For example, temperature drops at consumption of various food provoke enamel cracking. Clicking of sunflower seeds, opening of bottles teeth – the reason of chips. Salts also are part of teeth. Acid dissolves them and washes away. So teeth collapse ahead of time. To observe hygiene of mouth, it is necessary to learn to look after teeth.

About hygiene of oral cavity

For prevention of impact of bacterial acids on enamel of teeth after meal rinse mouth water or tooth elixir, you sgryzit apple or carrot. The remains of food will be removed from surface, and nutrient medium for reproduction of bacteria will be excluded.

It is possible to look after teeth and by means of the consumed food. Eat the products containing calcium, such as milk and fermented milk products. It is possible to accept calcium gluconate: on one-two tablets (previously to crush) three times a day, washing down with water. Some doctors consider what contains in tablets of calcium a little. They recommend to take the drugs combining calcium and vitamin D.

About toothbrushes

Qualitatively to look after teeth, it is necessary to change toothbrushes every three months. So, how to distinguish good brush for teethof from fake: - the good toothbrush cannot cost little (less than 50 rubles); - estimate quality of packing – the brush unpacked will be suitable unless for footwear; - the bristle on good brushes accurate, equal, fastens bunches, the handle – is rubberized; - the bristle is made of special materials, the bad brush is made of rough fishing line; - after the first application the bristle of bad brush will get out of the initial shape.

About chewing gum

Chewing gum is not capable to replace brush and will be able to provide full tooth care too hardly therefore stomatologists recommend to use it only for single hygiene of oral cavity it is desirable after meal. When chewing elastic band on hungry stomach this process can promote appearance of gastritis and if there is this disease, then to exacerbation of stomach ulcer. Rui elastic band only after meal, you solve problem of clarification of teeth and also promote the additional release of gastric juice necessary for digestion of food. It is necessary to know that to use chewing gum for maintenance of hygiene of mouth more than 5 times a day very harmfully. 15 minutes are admissible to chew one portion of elastic band not longer. First, the aromatic, flavoring and refreshing product components in only 10 minutes of intensive chewing lose sharpness. Secondly, long and furthermore frequent chewing adversely affects temporal and maxillary joint. Chewing gum does not save from need of the correct care for teeth - it is necessary to brush teeth twice a day all the same.

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