Ice cubes for the person with confidential ingredients

Ice cubes for the person with confidential ingredients

Cryotherapy is considered one of the most popular methods of face rejuvenation today. There are ways of holding similar procedure in house conditions. For this purpose usual pieces of ice from the fridge to which it is necessary to add some ingredients will be required. Such procedure changes, improves complexion and activates the processes happening under skin layer.

If face skin fat, then for the procedure is used wine ice which is easy to preparing independently. For this purpose it is necessary to mix St. John's wort grass (2 tablespoons), sage (3 tablespoons) and to fill in with boiled water (half-glass). To keep infusion in the dark within hour. Then to filter, add 5 spoons of white wine (dry or moist) and to freeze. Skin should be wiped with such ice daily. After the procedure it is not necessary to wipe face. Wine ice narrows pores, feeds integuments, shine gives to the face and the silkiness does skin. If desired it is possible to replace St. John's wort and sage with camomile, celandine or calendula.

When face skin dry, the procedure requires such herbs as mint, camomile, plantain or parsley. Very good impact on the overdried integuments is made by hawthorn, mountain ash and eleuterococcus. Herbs mix in equal proportions and fill in with boiled water. Then insist about an hour, filter and freeze. It is necessary to wipe with ice cubes skin daily, especially before going to bed.

All-type skin the frozen coffee will approach. For this purpose it is necessary to make strong ground coffee, to cool and pour in molds for freezing. It is necessary to wipe face in the morning. Coffee very well tones up, cleans and does lifting.

The withering skin well it will turn out "to encourage" mint ice. For this purpose it is necessary to take mint leaves (it is possible dried) and to fill in with boiled water. On glass there is enough grass spoon. To infuse mix within hour, to cool and freeze. Mint ice is used in the morning, they can wipe not only face skin, but also necks, breasts. Such house simple procedure will help to smooth undesirable wrinkles, to eliminate irritation on surface of integuments. Besides, mint ice perfectly tones up. It is possible to enhance effect by addition to mint of green tea and vitamin E.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team