Ideal buttocks in house conditions

Ideal buttocks in house conditions

Beautiful buttocks - dream of any woman. But, unfortunately, not all can brag of the elastic and tightened bottom. Cellulitis, roughnesses, insufficient tone of muscles - here that represents the main problem. However will cope with it it is possible at short notice and in house conditions. The secret of success is in regularity and integrated approach.

It is required to you

  • Chili powder
  • Sea salt
  • Vodka
  • Ground coffee
  • Honey
  • Food wrap


1. First of all reconsider the food. For a while refuse greasy food. But the most important - use at least salts. Roughnesses on buttocks nothing but excess liquid. And salt does not allow it to come out.

2. But one healthy nutrition not to solve problem. Here anti-cellulite wrappings will come to the rescue. It is possible to register in such procedure in beauty shop, and it is possible to save and carry out it to house conditions significantly. The main task of wrapping - creation of effect of sauna. Pepper wrappings are very effective. For this purpose take 2 teaspoons of red burning pepper, 1 teaspoon of black ground pepper, dilute mix with vodka. If to add water, then will burn down stronger. The basis for the procedure is ready, but it is possible to make mix even more more effectively. Add cocoa, cinnamon, natural oils. Essential oil of citrus will be ideal. Apply the received mix on problem zones and densely turn back food wrap, and from above - warm plaid or towel. Take mask of minutes 30 and wash away warm water, then apply the cooling or calming cream. Wrappings with pepper are very effective, but are not so pleasant: they strongly warm skin, activate blood circulation. Therefore apply them with care. If you cannot sustain the put 30 minutes, not terribly. For notable result it is necessary to conduct course: 10 procedures every other day. As a result of roughness are smoothed, cellulitis decrease, and volumes thaw in the eyes.

3. If for you such procedure too "rigid", make wrappings with chocolate, ground coffee, cocoa, honey or any anti-cellulite cream. The main thing is to create effect of sauna by means of food wrap.

4. One more step to ideal buttocks - massage which can also be done in house conditions. Honey massage is considered one of the most effective anti-cellulite procedures. It requires small amount of liquid honey. If nevertheless honey has become candied or too dense, kindle it on water bath or in the microwave oven. Grease with palm honey, and then put them to problem places, kind of pasting, and sharply tear off. Continue massage before easy reddening of skin, and then turn back food wrap. Approximately in hour wash away warm water. Vacuum massage is also very effective. Today such procedure enjoys wide popularity in beauty shops. To make it houses, special adaptation is required. In drugstores is on sale "wonderful bank" - it to you and will help. This "device" as usual glass jar which put at cold earlier looks, but it is made of latex. Costs absolutely not much. Such massage perfectly helps "to break" fat deposits and to tighten contour. However this procedure is contraindicated at varicosity.

5. Srubs will help to receive great results to you also. Natural ingredients such as ground coffee, sea salt or sugar are ideal for these purposes. Take small amount of srub and carefully massage hips and buttocks, then wash away warm water. It is the most effective to carry out such procedure before massage or wrapping.

6. And of course it is impossible to receive the tightened bottom without physical activities. There are special exercises which will help to bring muscles of buttocks into tone.

7. Try to adhere to healthy nutrition, reduce amount of the used salt, do massage, srub and wrappings every other day and do not forget about exercises. Implementing these simple recommendations, in month you will achieve visible results, and your buttocks will become tightened and attractive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team