Ideal form of arrows

Ideal form of arrows

To be afraid to use most of girls in arrow make-up as think that it is very difficult process. Drawing arrows, of course, creative process, but not such difficult as can seem at first sight.

Your ideal form of arrows

For successful make-up with use of arrows, it is very important to know what form of arrows as much as possible approaches your eyes. Makeup artists assure that shooters are suitable for all eye shapes without exception.

Actually there is a lot of options of arrows.

The most popular eye shapes:

  • widely put eyes;
  • close put eyes;
  • the raised corners of eyes;
  • round eyes;
  • eyes with hanging century;
  • deeply put eyes.

Many women have eye shape with hanging century. From celebrities Rachelle McAdams, Jennifer Lawrence, Renée Zellweger, Blake Lively, and many others have such eye shape.

How to draw arrows for eye shape with hanging century?

  • it is better to draw arrow thin, directed by parallel century, you put arrows with open eye;
  • expand arrow a little and direct it to external part of eye, draw tip long;
  • for evening make-up it is possible to draw arrows wide;
  • never direct arrow tip down - it is the most widespread and gross blunder.
  • it is better to apply shadows of light pastel shades to day make-up, and the evening make-up can be made more saturated.
  • visually not to reduce eye shape it is recommended to put arrow for edge of the lid.
  • it is better for beginners to practise by means of usual soft pencil. Pencil it is easy to pick up the necessary thickness of the line of arrows. One more advantage of pencil is that it is very easily shaded.

What do to put shooters with?

Today the choice of cosmetics by means of which it is possible to draw arrows is very big.

Often women use:

  • liquid eyeliner;
  • pencil (including waterproof);
  • special felt-tip pen;
  • helium eyeliner;
  • usual shadows (dry eyeliner).

It is better to select color of eyeliner taking into account color of eyes and woman's hair.

By means of arrows it is possible to make the image expressional, womanly and not forgotten. Therefore experiment and be beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team