Ideal parameters of female body

Ideal parameters of female body

The woman who has really good figure looks fantastically in any clothes. It has no need to select the objects of clothes hiding shortcomings or to wear shapewear. What parameters does the woman in order that it was possible to call its figure ideal have to have?

When the person hears expression "ideal parameters of female body", it is instantly occurred by figures "90-60-90". Actually such values not only meet rather seldom, but also are not any standard at which any woman needs to aim by all means. Most often the structure of skeleton of women will not allow to approach these desired parameters how many the lady would not torture herself diets and fitness.

As the female body with ideal proportions looks

By the most attractive not compliance some strictly certain does female body to parameters, and proper correlation of volumes. For example, the waist measurement of the woman with close to ideal figure approximately equals to two grasps of her neck. At the same time the volume of neck has to equal to the wrist volume increased by two. At last, the most important indicator allowing the woman to look madly attractive to the vast majority of representatives of opposite sex is ratio of waist measurement and volume of hips. If this coefficient does not exceed 0.7, then the girl can reckon as the real beauty with fantastically womanly figure.

Above-mentioned criteria are not only right for definition of female forms, close to ideal. Other popular formula for calculation of ideal parameters means that the circle of thorax of the girl has to equal to half of its growth plus 3-5 cm. Bust measurement adds 8-10 more cm to this figure. The female waist has to be approximately equal in volume to value of growth of the girl minus 100 cm. At last, the volume of hips of the girl ideally on 25-30 cm has to exceed the volume of her waist.

Female body with ideal forms: whether only delight for eyes?

Those ratios of bust measurements, waist and hips which it is accepted to call ideal not only are attractive, but also demonstrate health and endurance of the woman. When the man sees before himself the woman who has high breast, wasp waist and magnificent hips, he subconsciously perceives it as the healthy female ready to fertilization. Such woman is intended by the nature for the successful course of pregnancy, trouble-free birth and feeding of numerous posterity. Many famous women, such as Beyonce, Zhanna Friske, Scarlet Johansson and Jennifer Lopez, do not fit into the parameters which have become already classical 90-60-90. It does not prevent them to remain recognized sex symbols and the most desired women in the world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team