Ideal proportions of female body

Ideal proportions of female body

Ideals of female beauty change from era by era. The standard of femininity of Ancient Greece can be understood, having looked at Venus Tavricheskaya's statues and Melos. During baroque era the magnificent female body was glorified by Rubens, David, the artist of times of empire style, has presented to the world madam Rekemye's portrait. And the modern standard of female beauty looks at the world from covers of glossy magazines.

It is required to you

  • - Height meter;
  • - centimetric tape;
  • - calculator.


  1. But at all times proportions of female figure were defined approximately equally. This ratio of growth, trunk, legs and position of waist. The rule of "golden ratio" opened in ancient times can quite be applied also to female figure. If to take growth for whole, then the lower part - the distance from waist to floor, has to belong to growth also as distance from darkness to waist to the lower part: 3:5; 5:8; 8:13 … For example, with height of 170 cm length from the top to waist has to be about 66 cm, and length from waist to floor of 104 cm.
  2. To understand without calculations, the waist is in the right place for ideal proportions at you or not, carry out the simple test. Put one palm under breast, then the second palm under the first. If the palm has appeared directly on waistline (region of navel), then the waist at you is underestimated if only half of palm – waist on the place has gone in and if it is less than half of palms – that at you is the overestimated waistline.
  3. Check the general parameters of body according to standards, the now in use, but made in the 19th century doctor A.K. Anokhin. According to these norms has to fall on 1 cm of female body: - neck - 0.18-0.2 cm; - shoulder of-0.18-0.2 cm; - hip - 0.32-0.35 cm; - calves - 0.21-0.23 cm; - breast - 0.5-0.55 cm, are possible more; - basin - 0.54 - 0.62 cm; - waist - 0.35-0.40 cm. Make multiplication of the growth in cm by the figures specified in the list. Then measure parameters of the body and compare results. So you will understand as far as you keep within the standard.
  4. Learn, your legs are how close or far from ideal. Those women are considered as short-legged if length of legs is less than ½ growth. The proportionality of figure will be provided by legs with length more than ½ growth. For hypersthenic figure the difference has to be not less than 2-4 cm, for normostenik – 4-6 cm, and for asthenic type – 6-9 cm. Length of extremities from femur ledge to edge of foot is measured. Also pay attention to the structure of your legs. It is considered that ideal legs have to have three gleams – in anklebones, under knees and between hips.
  5. Calculate ideal weight for the figure. For this purpose it is possible to use Quetelet's index, Broca or Cooper's method. The simplest - Broca's way: growth in cm – 100. For people subtract less than 165 cm 105, for people more than 175 cm it is necessary to subtract 110 cm. Cooper's method demands slightly more calculations, but yields more real results: IBW (ideal body weight) for the woman = (growth in cm x 3.5: 2.54 — 108) x 0.453.

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