Ideal shooters – it is simple!

Ideal shooters – it is simple!

Shooters – ideal basis of both day, and evening make-up of eyes. It is excellent way to effectively emphasize look, to make it more expressive and attractive. Perfect flat lines are capable to turn out even at those who for the first time hold eyeliner in hand. Everything is not so difficult, it is enough to remember several simple cunnings.

Correct basis

Besides eyeliner it is necessary to get white pencil or the liner and to use it as basis. Before make-up it is necessary to apply pencil on eyelid, and after - to correct mistakes and to disguise excess lines. As an alternative it is possible to use powder or shadows of corporal tones.

Line of contour

The form of contour of arrow depends on what make-up wants to be received as a result.

  • In classical option width of the line has to increase gradually – from one point in eye corner to three points at outer edge.
  • For effect of smoky eyes it is necessary to draw fat pencil line on growth of eyelashes, to paint over it mobile eyelid, and then to shade quickly smoky shadows.
  • "Cat's" arrows turn out as follows. Line along ciliary edge is drawn. Further it is necessary to put paper piece so that its line continued contour of the lower contour of eyes, and to draw line of the necessary length. The line is longer, the wider the arrow will turn out.

Firm hand

Professionals are capable to receive absolutely flat lines in any situation without use of mirror. However beginning "strelshchik" should take care of the correct position of hands. One hand needs to be recorded firmly in emphasis on table, and another to pull eyelid for outer edge.

Pointed approach

If the first tests were not crowned with success, it is useful to put points at distance of 2-3 millimeters from each other, and then slowly and quietly to connect them.

Preliminary sketch

Beginners in art of arrows are recommended to plan at first lines thinly ground soft pencil. In case of mistake the pencil is much easier to erase and correct situation.

Useful devices

Additional make-shifts will help with achievement of accurate flat lines:

  • The device for podkruchivaniye of eyelashes (curling) can be used as ruler. The lower part of curling is located along ciliary edge, and line is drawn.
  • Teaspoon. Perfectly will help with achievement of effect of "cat's look". For this purpose the rounded-off part of spoon is applied to outer side of eye.

Saturated color

To reach the additional brightness and saturation of color, it is possible to use pencil, previously having taken its couple of seconds over fire flame. Ready lines can be strengthened in addition black shadows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team