If to dye henna hair what color will be

If to dye henna hair what color will be

Natural paint henna gives to hair red shades. From light golden and red to saturated chestnut. Henna adds to hair gloss, density and also eliminates dandruff.

Henna – the natural dye received from bush henna. From upper young leaflets receive the strongest pigment. It is used for creation of drawings of mehendi on body. Make hair-dye of other leaves. The stalk does not contain dyes and it is applied to production of medical colourless henna.

Properties of henna

Henna has many useful properties. Unlike synthetic paints it does not get deeply into hair, but keeps at all not worse. Substances as a part of henna strengthen growth of hair and smooth scales why curls become more brilliant. Henna reduces formation of dandruff and radical fat content.

But coloring by this natural paint has also minuses. The most essential of them – unpredictability of result. Even the specialist hairdresser will not undertake to promise you any certain shade. If you have once painted the head with henna, you still very long cannot be painted with other synthetic paints and also to undergo some procedures for hair. All, besides, because of unpredictability of henna. In combination with chemical dye it can give green or blue shade. The second minus – henna strongly dries hair. And if for the owner of fat roots this property is useful, then for thin split ends such coloring will be only to the detriment. Sometimes henna causes allergy.

Recipes of coloring by henna

What color will turn out if to dye hair henna, depends on hold time of mix on hair and on additional components. The more brightly and nasyshchenny you want to receive color, the longer there has to be procedure of coloring. Time for coloring for average fair hair will average 1.5 - 2 hours. To reduce the fat content of hair, henna is held by no more than 5-10 minutes. If fair hair, it is necessary to use colourless henna. The gold hair shine can be received, having added 2 grams of saffron to henna. Instead of saffron it is possible to use camomile, rhubarb or turmeric. Chestnut color will turn out if henna to part instead of water natural freshly brewed coffee or cocoa. For obtaining brighter color add 10 grams of ground carnation. The beet juice which is warmed up up to 60 wasps will give eggplant shade. The henna divorced cahors wine or hibiscus tea will present to hair mahogany shade.


Henna should be applied on dry clean hair. Grease the line of forehead, nape and ears with dense fat cream – it will protect skin from coloring. Henna gives the color to hair in the warm environment better. Therefore it is necessary to dissolve paint with warm water and to put very quickly, yet has not cooled down. Then to put on polyethylene hat and to roll up the head towel. After coloring it is impossible to wash hair still as far as days. During this time henna is fixed on hair. For coloring of hair in more dark shades henna is used in combination with basmy.

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