If tomorrow it is necessary to look stunningly what to undertake today?

If tomorrow it is necessary to look stunningly what to undertake today?

, in your opinion, your destiny is decided... You have appointment (the presentation, interview with the employer, party). The reasons can be much, and here the purpose one - you have to look faultlessly! To make hairstyle and manicure of problem does not represent, and here gloss in eyes, fresh complexion, slim figure in the fitting elegant dress - it would be super! And any sticking-out tummy! What did you eat yesterday? From where these not esthetic cambers? Today we eat so that for the next day the tummy was flat, skin elastic and saturated moisture, and mood - the excellent, not saddened forced starvation.

That your figure was tightened and harmonious next day, it is necessary to exclude all products causing abdominal distension and also combination of squirrel + carbohydrates for today. At the same time fabric needs to saturate with vitamins, microelements, moisture in order that face skin looked fresh, and you did not seem tired and emaciated.

For this purpose we make the menu and we buy products.

Completely exclude for today dairy products (except yogurt in smoothie and salad) and dishes from bean and cabbage. Any carbonated and sweet drinks!

So, for breakfast we will prepare fruit smoothie (cocktail). Are necessary for it: ripe banana, peach, a little klubnichin, slice of pineapple and fresh unsweetened yogurt. Strawberry can be taken frozen. We shake up fruit in the blender with yogurt. We have dinner very nutritious chicken and avocado salad. For salad the boiled cut chicken breast to mix with the cut apple, avocado, to sprinkle lemon juice. Gas station - mayonnaise with yogurt (1:1). Not to salt. For dinner - vegetable cream soup with small amount of salt and salmon or chicken on couple. For cream soup we boil carrots, vegetable marrow, paprika, we shake up them the blender and we enter seasonings (parsley, fennel, paprika, sweet pea). For saturation of organism moisture it is had a bite by fresh cucumbers without salt, watermelon slice. During the day we drink the herbal tea made by mint instead of black tea and coffee. Instead of sugar - several features of dried apricots. All above-mentioned dishes and products are very useful, do not cause feeling of hunger, do not lead to abdominal distension. Your figure and skin will be faultless for the next day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team