Imaginations with long hair: original hairstyles and laying in house conditions

Imaginations with long hair: original hairstyles and laying in house conditions

On long hair it is possible to carry out romantic and womanly laying. During creation of hairstyles actively use invisible beings, hairpins, hairpins and elastic bands. Mark out enough time for work with long hair. Never do hair in a hurry.

Carry out laying only on the washed-up hair. In time cut split ends as they are always very noticeable in hairstyles. Braids is the real decoration of long hair. Actively use them in hairstyles. For example, make rim of braids. For this purpose braid thin braids from the right and left side of the head. Throw braids through forehead and strongly fix them by invisible beings. At you the original rim will turn out.

It is possible to braid thick braid on head perimeter. Begin weaving at the right temple and move up. In the course of work do podpryada serially on both sides. The braid has to pass close to forehead and to fall to the left temple. In that place where the braid comes to an end, attach beautiful ornament: flower, hairpin.

Now volume hairstyles are fashionable: it concerns both free laying, and braids.

One of popular hairstyles on long hair is the pile. Comb all bush of hair back. Raise locks at the top, comb them small comb. In order that the pile was higher, twist several locks in plaits, lay them and pin up invisible beings. Lower the combed hair on flagellums. By means of invisible beings chop off locks behind. Divide the remained hair into parting in the middle and braid two braids. Throw braids in front and record them invisible beings. If there is bang, braids have to lie precisely in its basis. The hairstyle horse tail with pile is popular. For its creation make pile, and then collect hair in tail. If you need to take away hair that they were not stirred, make bunch. For this purpose in the beginning collect hair in hard horse tail. Then roll up tail in plait and wrap it so that the cone has turned out. Pin up it hairpins, and from above put on scrunchy. It is possible to weave out of tail the ordinary spit in the beginning, and then to wrap it around elastic band. Such cone will look more festively. The beautiful and volume cone can be made by means of Donat. For a start too make horse tail. Then pass hair throughout opening in Donat and arrange it at the tail basis. Evenly distribute hair according to Donat. From above put on thin elastic band. Accurately fill tips of hair inside. Donat it is easily possible to make of usual sock. For this purpose cut off heel and curtail sock several times that the bunch has turned out.

Donat is round bunch for creation of hairstyles. It has soft structure, and in the center there is opening for hair.

That hair were not stirred, they can be moved away back and to make wave. For this purpose twirl hair behind in plait and raise them. Now pin up hairstyle crab. You can use hairpins. Then tips of hair need to be hidden under the formed hillock. To decorate usual tail, wrap it lock of own hair. For this purpose pull out lock from tail and wind it several times around elastic band. Record lock the invisible being so that it was not noticeable. On long hair curls perfectly look. Now the combination of the wavy and extended hair at roots is fashionable. Create curls by means of hair curlers or the curling iron. Previously choose style of hairstyle: glossy waves or uncombed curls. In the first case the curls have to be faultless: record them by means of wax. If the hairstyle has negligent character, just start fingers in curls and fluff up them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team