In what advantages of caramel depilation before wax

In what advantages of caramel depilation before wax

Modern ways of depilation help to get rid of undesirable hair on rather wide interval of time. It is simple to choose between wax and caramel depilation if to compare these two procedures.

When performing caramel depilation the hair are removed on growth that provides longer effect which usually remains up to 6 weeks. When using wax the vegetation is removed against growth therefore part breaks and does not leave with root.

Caramel depilation takes away a lot of time. Depilate from small sites to reduce injury. For this reason the procedure has practically no contraindications. Wax depilation cannot be carried out at varicosity, and it is already minus.

How many the session of caramel depilation will last it is impossible to predict in advance, it depends on density of indumentum. But it is possible to tell that the result will be excellent – pure and smooth leather without irritation. Are not bad depilated by means of caramel from axillary hollows and also hands and in the field of bikini. Standing vegetation much more therefore on the procedure about an hour leaves, but, as a rule, it is worth it. Wax depilations less effective in type of the fact that wax forms film on the surface of skin, but does not get into follicles. For this reason hair grow much quicker and can become prickly. Caramel is water-soluble substance, perfectly gets into roots and stiffens that allows to depilate entirely. During performing wax depilation cause hot structure which can provoke emergence of vascular reticulum, deterioration in tone of skin and other problems. Caramel is not heated too strongly therefore the procedure takes place most comfortably and without serious consequences. At caramel depilation it is not important at all what length at you hair. And here at wax sometimes it is necessary to shorten them, otherwise part of vegetation and will remain on body and it will be necessary to apply structure to skin repeatedly. If to you it is not important, what is the time you will spend, but at the same time want to receive pure and smooth leather for a long time – choose caramel depilation. Will suit the ladies appreciating every second more wax as it takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team