In what color it is possible to be recoloured from dark brown

In what color it is possible to be recoloured from dark brown

Dark brown very resistant and saturated color. To be recoloured for once in the blonde it will definitely not turn out. It is only possible to make hair two-three tones lighter or, on the contrary, to receive very dark, black color.

Dark brown - how to be recoloured in the blonde

It is possible to be recoloured from dark brown color in very light fair-haired or the platinum blonde for two-three times. Everything depends on structure of hair. If they very thick, dense, rigid, then three procedures are required. The first - decolorization or remover. The special structure applied on hair destroys dark pigment, doing curls hollow. They can be filled with any, rather light color.

The procedure of coloring after remover can be carried out in seven-ten days. If repeated toning is required to achieve color blond or light-light fair-haired, it can be made in few weeks. After that it is necessary to tint each two-three weeks roots as the difference between dark brown and blond is very noticeable.

Dark brown rather beautiful and rare color. If hair have such natural shade, they can be not recoloured completely, and to allocate several locks with lighter colors. They will emphasize primary color.

If hair rather thin then to receive light shade, most likely, it will turn out for two times. Before coloring it is better to consult to the professional hairdresser. He will tell that will be less painful for curls - two colourings through certain period, or decolorization and coloring in light color. To try to be recoloured from dark brown in blond for once is not necessary. First, oxidizer use more than six percent very much harms hair. Secondly, the right color can not turn out, and hair will be strongly spoiled.

Too contrast highlighting is not fashionable long ago. To recover hairstyle, it is possible to zatonirovat locks in several shades - from chestnut to bright red.

From dark brown in black - how to be recoloured

In black color from dark brown it is very simple to be recoloured. It is possible to choose both saturated deep color, and bluish-black, and with reddish or reddish outflow. Such shades are very beautifully poured at bright light. And in this case there will be enough one coloring. It is necessary to apply paint, since roots. At first becomes covered by structure occipital and parietal zones, then - temporal, then bang. If hair have not been previously painted, then the structure is distributed evenly on all length of locks. If were - that paint is applied only on roots, and in ten minutes prior to the end of time of toning is distributed on all length of hair. It becomes not to overdry tips. From dark brown it is possible to be recoloured also easily in chestnut-colored, average-fair-haired, chestnut, saturated red, mahogany. For this purpose there will be enough one procedure.

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