In what color to dye hair

In what color to dye hair

During the periods of emotional shocks and experiences of the woman often decide on cardinal change of image. And first of all think of change of hair color. It is important to choose correctly hair color to emphasize advantages and to hide shortcomings.


  1. What to pay attention when choosing hair color to? If you have finally decided to change habitual hair color, then first of all define the type of appearance. For example, if you have by nature light skin, green, gray or blue eyes, then you should stop the choice on light or red shades. If you are owner of swarty skin, then you will suit golden and bronze colors. You remember the main rule - do not choose hair-dye is lighter, than tone of skin.
  2. Your natural shade of hair will become the assistant in the choice of new color. Choose color is a little lighter or is more dark, than your hair and you will not be mistaken! Besides, it will facilitate afterwards care for the grown roots as they will not be allocated too strongly. Do not forget also about daily make-up - if you prefer cold color, then you will suit dark shades of hair. If in make-up warm colors dominate, then you can stop the choice on golden, copper or reddish shades of paint.
  3. What color to choose? If you decide to become blonde, then remember that fair hair is not combined with bright make-up and emphasize skin shortcomings. And here brunettes are able to afford bright paints, but at the same time, the black hair color visually adds excess years. Very interesting choice - red and red colors. Correctly and with taste the chosen shade will suit any woman. But also there are minuses: such paints are quickly washed away and grow dull.
  4. There are still such options as highlighting and kolorirovaniye. The first will do hair of more volume, and the second will give highlight to your image.
  5. By means of hair color it is possible to hide appearance shortcomings, to change image and state of mind. Be not afraid of experiments, in case of failure you will be able always to be helped by skilled masters. The new color of hair will help to feel more attractive and desired, the main thing is to feel confident and not to be afraid of novelty in your life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team