In what hours it is better to carry out cosmetic procedures for bigger efficiency

In what hours it is better to carry out cosmetic procedures for bigger efficiency

Organism biorhythms considerably affect health and external beauty of the woman therefore at skin care they should be considered too. At timely holding cosmetic procedures, active components will be better acquired, so, and the effect will be much more noticeable.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to time of morning awakening. It is the best of all to wake up at 6:00 or 8.00 as in these hours skin best of all perceives leaving and is not inclined to puffiness. After morning rise let's skin be restored after dream within 30 minutes, and then it will be possible to do make-up. But before it do not forget to wash, wipe face with tonic or cube of ice and to apply the moisturizing cream.

Period from 8:00 till 12:00

This time remarkably is suitable for drawing masks and application of peelings. If you plan visit of the cosmetologist, especially for carrying out cleaning, then it is the best of all to do it in the first half of day. It is also possible to arrange deep cleansing of skin independently. For this purpose steam out it on water bath from camomile broth, then put mask or peeling roll for 15 minutes and wash away the remains warm water.

It is worth uchityvvat that the activity of sebaceous glands increases by 10:00, so, skin will get characteristic greasy luster. Therefore during this period of time it is desirable to be powdered or use the matting napkins. From 12:00 let's skin have a rest from all cosmetic procedures as at this time skin of malovospriimchiv therefore they will not bring due effect.

Period from 15:00 till 18:00

These hours well are suitable for fitness class and other sports. Also at this time it is worth visiting bath or sauna with the subsequent massage of skin. Make wrapping for impact on problem zones and apply lymphatic drainage cream for strengthening of effect of elasticity of skin.

Period from 18:00 till 20:00

At this time there comes the period of the smallest sensitivity to pain therefore it is possible to start the procedure of epilation or correction of eyebrows safely. It is also possible to carry out anti-cellulite massage with use of special devices, previously having warmed skin.

Arrange evening walk which highly affects female beauty - cages are saturated with oxygen, and skin takes fresh form. Closer by 20:00 it is good to take the weakening baths with sea salt, grass broths and essential oils. Carry out the procedure of makeup removal, wash by means of the special means suitable your type of skin. Apply night nutritious cream and in a couple of hours remove the remains napkin.

Period from 23:00 till 5:00

At this time the organism and skin respectively have to have a rest as cages are restored in dream. Do not allow late having a snack as it directly influences condition of skin and also development of cellulitis. Observe the 8-hour mode of dream that skin for the morning looked well rested and as long as possible kept the youth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team