In what place to make tattoo

In what place to make tattoo

The fashion for tattoos exists for a long time. If before tattoo skill this true art was associated with the ugly turned blue headdresses, then now. Do tattoos in the most various places - on back, hands, waist and even on face.

Tattoo on spin

The back is really expanse for fans of tattoo. Big and rather flat square allows to do large-scale tattoos compositions. Popular places for drawings are shovels, backbone and waist. To do tattoo on shovel or along vertebrae rather painfully as the bone in these parts is directly under skin, and the fat layer is very small, however probability is very small that the drawing is in the future deformed. Tattoos on waist do, generally women, but before tattoo in this place meant that the girl is the representative of the most ancient profession. The big tattoos covering back top are also popular. But because of features of the structure of body to do tattoo rather difficult there.

The tattoo on spin rather hard begins to live, but care for it can cause some difficulties.

Tattoo on hand

Brutal men pin the drawing on biceps, brittle girls - on wrist, and the nonconformists wishing to be allocated do tattoo sleeve in all hand. The tattoo on shoulder becomes quickly enough. There is good muscular and fat layer that does the procedure not such painful. And here before doing tattoo on wrist, it is worth thinking. The drawing in this place can float, and one its part frequent becomes lighter another. The temporary tattoo henna on wrist will be the best option. The tattoo sleeve can look effectively and beautifully if to elect the good master. However how many such large-scale work will cost, it is difficult to provide.

Also tattoos on separate fingers of hands are popular. There represent rings or inscriptions in all length of finger.

The drawing on leg

The most popular place on leg for tattoo is anklebone. Here do the inscriptions, tattoo bracelets, hieroglyphs, various signs making sense for the owner. The drawing in this place has to be small, and details - large that from far away the tattoo did not merge in one spot. Tattoos in the field of foot also look beautifully and gently, but this site is rather painful. The tattoo on hip is done by both men, and women, but with age skin can become flabby - consider it. Caviar, also here rather thick fat layer is much less subject to changes.

Unusual places for tattoos

Despite the increased popularity of tattoo in neck, this place still is unusual. Especially tattoos on neck love girls - the drawing can be hidden under long hair and when suitable time comes, to make elegant node and to show to the world fine tattoo. On neck often fill small inscriptions, quotes or drawings - cross, swallow, heart. The fashion to the shaved temples has introduced new trend to the world of tattoos - drawings on the head. To fill tattoo on skull it is rather painful, however, undoubtedly, such masterpiece will draw general attention. One of the most extreme tattoos are images on centuries. It very sick, expensive and fraught with serious complications. However, the number of persons interested to make unusual tattoo grows. On extremeness degree it the tattoo can be compared unless with the drawing be always on the lips - such art form is preferred only by the most thorough thrill-seekers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team