In what pluses of bezammiachny hair-dye

In what pluses of bezammiachny hair-dye

Bezammiachny paints belong to generation of the so-called sparing paints. These products harm hair less and are suitable for frequent application. Unlike paints with ammonia, there is a lot of advantages at the painting structures without the hair of component destroying structure.

Paints without ammonia not only change color, but also allow to look after hair even at frequent use. These painting products gain popularity around the world, bezammiachny novelties do not dry curls, keep their natural gloss. But the result of the procedure will depend in many respects on quality of structure.

Essence of bezammiachny paints

Bezammiachny paints give careful coloring. Natural components which feed hair are part of such sparing products and add them beautiful gloss. Paints without ammonium often contain extracts of grape seeds, millet, vitamins of group B and other valuable substances.

Paints with ammonia guarantee permanent coloring, the pigment thanks to ammonium gets deeply into structure of hair. However such dyes damage head of hear therefore after coloring by ammoniac structures hair it is necessary to treat. Bezammiachny means do not contain caustic ingredient, moreover, the hydrogen peroxide percent in them is reduced too. Thanks to special formula, bezammiachny paints can be used for recovery of earlier injured hair. The plant extracts included in their structure protect hair from ultraviolet, moisturize head skin, strengthen hair bulbs.

Advantages of paints without ammonia

Dyes without ammonium are quickly enough washed away, but even, apparently, shortcoming it is easy to turn this into plus. All because bezammiachny means allow to experiment with appearance. The shade will hold on about two months if color disappears earlier, the head of hear can be painted with paint without ammonia again. The most important that bezammiachny novelties are harmless to head of hear. The lack of ammonia provides safe coloring, the pigment settles on the surface of hair. Stylists recommend to use such paints regularly, then color becomes more live and bright. All because the pigment collects on hair. That color was resistant, experts advise also not to wash the head before coloring. After use of bezammiachny paints the curls find shine. It is important that process of coloring by such structures is reversible, it is possible to return without effort to "native" hair color if the result did not suit you. The palette of bezammiachny paints is not less at all, than at "harmful" paints. But you should not forget that when painting gray hair the roots should be tinted more often if to choose paint without caustic ammonium. But colors of bezammiachny structures look naturally. At last, plus of paints without ammonium can be considered the fact that today it will be possible to get both professional tools, and products for house use. The cost of bezammiachny paints varies therefore it will be possible to find product practically on any purse.

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