In what ways to fight against "orange-peel" at cellulitis

In what ways to fight against "orange-peel" at cellulitis

Cellulitis, or in a different way "orange-peel", is vital issue against which it is not so easy to fight for most of women. And yet there are effective ways of disposal of hated "orange-peel".

Causes of cellulitis

Cellulitis arises because of the wrong outflow of lymph and because of violation of hormonal background in specific stages of life of the woman. This problem can appear also at the young girl owing to genetic predisposition.

Consumption of sweets, bakery products, cakes, salty and smoked products are considered as basic reasons of emergence of orange-peel. Also formation of hillocks is influenced by smoking, alcohol, coffee and tea in large numbers.

Ways of fight against "orange-peel"

1. Healthy nutrition

First of all, it is worth excluding the following products from food allowance: rich pastries, sweets, smoked products, pickles, fast food. It is necessary to replace strong tea and coffee with herbal teas and compotes. Dogrose infusion is especially rich with vitamin C. To enter into diet it is more than fresh vegetables, fruit, berries, fish and chicken breast. It is necessary to eat often and small portions.

2. Anti-cellulite linen

Only anti-cellulite linen is not able to save you from hated hillocks. This way works in complex with healthy nutrition and sport. Fabric of such linen consists of the neoprene or latex creating effect of sauna. It accelerates blood-groove and promotes combustion of fat. In several months it is possible to observe positive result.

3. Cosmetics

There is set of anti-cellulite means which part such substances as extracts of pepper burning, ivy, seaweed, caffeine, horse chestnut, etc. are. These components have the warming effect and also stimulate blood circulation. Cosmetics for fight against cellulitis are presented in the form of creams, lotions and gels. It is necessary to understand that independently these means do not work but only in complex.

4. Anti-cellulite bathtubs

Anti-cellulite bathtubs yield good result together with anti-cellulite cream. For preparation of bathtub it is necessary to mix several drops of oil of orange (or any essential oil of citrus) from 50 g of vegetable oil. Ready mix is poured out in the bathtub filled with warm water. Procedure time – 10-15 minutes. Frequency – 1 time in 2 days.

5. Anti-cellulite srub

The coffee thick and blue clay is part of this srub. Proportions – 1:1. Components part with mineral water, apply on problem sites and wash away in 5-7 minutes warm water.

6. Anti-cellulite massage

The good effect can be gained, using vacuum massage banks. Previously the warmed-up honey is applied to skin. Massage is carried out by circular and longitudinal movements.

7. Exercises against cellulitis

It is possible to achieve notable results, twisting hoop or abuse-hup. The abuse-hup with special thorns is better to use. It will make considerable mechanical impact on problem sites – stomach and hips. It is necessary to twist hoop constantly, every day or every other day.

All above-mentioned ways of fight against cellulitis work only in complex. Regular work on itself will already shortly bring positive result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team