Increase in breast folk remedies

Increase in breast folk remedies

The beautiful breast attracts views of people around. If the nature has not awarded that, correction of figure by means of modern technologies will help. But there are folk remedies which allow to increase the size slightly.

The first way of house increase in breast – hop broth. For this purpose fill in 1 tablespoon of hop with glass of water, put on water bath for 20 minutes, and then three times a day drink ½ glasses. For this reason with the purpose to increase the size recommend to drink natural beer as it contains hop.

Excessive consumption of beer can negatively affect also other parts of body. Besides, this way affects work of internals of the person.

The second means are contrast compresses. For hot compress use oil of ylang-ylang and geranium, for cold – solution of sea salt. To change bandages not less than 10 times then to apply on mammary glands special means for lifting of breast. Also effectively after the water procedures to rub mix of oils of almonds, the geranium and ylang-ylang taken in equal parts. The contrast shower possesses similar action. Sharp change of water temperature and pressure of stream activates blood-groove, increases elasticity of skin, does breast more tightened and beautiful.

In many respects the size depends on estrogen. It is possible to use ready medicines, but it is better to give preference to herbs which contain natural phytoestrogen. It is possible to carry to them hop cones, fennel, flax seeds, sage flowers, root of angelica and others. Daily accept 1 tsp of dry mix 2 times a day before meal for 2-3 months.

Surprisingly, but it is regularly possible to try to apply iodic reticulum on area of breast, avoiding zone of nipples. And do lines equal and continuous. Action of method is based that iodine is capable to attract blood therefore volume increases and the form improves. Important value for the size and the healthy nutrition has the forms of breast. There is list of products which need to be included in the diet: - cabbage, but it is effective only for young girls; - honey with walnuts; - green apples; - dairy products on the basis of whole cow's milk; - fish; - red wine in moderate quantities.

If you are not afraid to recover, eat often giving preference to high-calorie food, much. Increase in body weight will automatically lead to improvement of form of the size of breast.

For house use various masks which feed skin cells are effective and stimulate growth of mammary glands. For example, once a week apply on breast gruel from pulp of apples and cabbage. Also try mask from cocoa which is vitamin-rich, respectively, has the rejuvenating effect, doubling the size. The potato mask helps to get appetizing forms: crush potatoes cooked in uniform, add 1 tablespoon of honey, the refined oil and cream. Put the received weight for 20 minutes then wash away the remains warm water and grease with nutritious cream. You should not forget also about physical exercises which are directed to strengthening of muscles of breast. At right choice of loadings the breast becomes slightly more, gets beautiful form. In addition carry out massage with circular motions, taking not only glands, but also all area of decollete.

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