Industrial piercing: how not to fall victim of beauty

Industrial piercing: how not to fall victim of beauty

ideals constantly change, and still yesterday fashionable things stop being those. Industrial piercing began to be popular. It is done by admirers of certain musical style.

It is kind of banal sounded, life does not stand still: there are new devices, musical styles, fashion trends. Many try to try novelties. Therefore there was very demanded among broad masses experimental genre of music under the name industrial. It combines sounds of different character (noise, rings, etc.) and electronics. The subject of songs concerns apocalypse. Industrial piercing is done by admirers of such genre. Have nicknamed them rivetkheda.

What is industrial piercing?

Industrial piercing — two punctures in cartilage through which there passes ornament. And it can be various, everything depends on wishes of the person. Punctures can be done not only in cartilage. The procedure has the features. After its end the holes in ears very long begin to live. Sometimes on it leaves about half a year. And hydrogen peroxide not to escape here as it slows down healing process.

It is also necessary to pay special attention to the choice of ornament. It has to be made of biolayer or titanium. Such materials do not harm organism, and, on the contrary, accelerate tightening process. However, not all suit biolayer and titanium. If on the expiration of the long period the punctures bring all the same discomfort, it is better to take off ornament and to forget about the idea to make to itself piercing.

Why people do industrial piercing?

Some people just fall in love with some culture. For them becomes meaning of life to follow the thought-up traditions. Adherents of industrial not only do the corresponding piercing, they also carry certain things, do unusual hair (it is possible to tell, shocking). That is admirers of this style follow rules. There are still reasons for which people do industrial piercing. Here imitation idols, the imposed ideals, fashionable trends, etc. belong. Having seen enough the TV, having got acquainted with beautiful photoshoots of models, people decide on difficult and painful procedure. You should not imitate someone. If desire to make to itself piercing very strong, it is possible to address the good master. You should not forget about safety rules. For example, ornament has to be longer than distance between punctures. Otherwise the risk of emergence of various damages and injuries is possible. Also those at whom keloid hems can be formed have to refuse invention to make to themselves piercing. It is important not to fall victim of beauty, health is much more expensive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team