Inexpensive and effective technique of rejuvenation

Inexpensive and effective technique of rejuvenation

Modern women do not want to submit to age and in every way resist manifestations of the rising old age. Many of them, long without deliberating, go for expensive and unsafe plastic surgeries. But it is not exit, there are rejuvenation techniques, much more available and safe for health. The effect of their use has long-term character, they are safe and have no by-effects. The reliable salon and the experienced expert will create with you real miracles, it is necessary to choose the necessary procedure only.

Energy of light as effective technique of rejuvenation

The photorejuvenation technique in fight uses light impulse with age. The light energy of the set frequency and range forces skin cells to produce strongly collagen and elastin, saves from vascular asterisks and pigmental spots. As a result skin gains equal beautiful color, becomes elastic. Also this method allows to cope with problem of acne rash. In heated-up skin the metabolism accelerates, and it promotes faster healing of inflammatory processes. Procedures are carried out by courses. Their quantity is individual for everyone, 3-5 procedures, with breaks in 10-14 days on average are required.

Radio wave technique of rejuvenation

Today it is the most productive technique. Radio wave lifting can return for only one procedure to skin condition of five-year prescription. This real rescue for the people inclined to deformation age changes such as loss of accurate contour of face form, emergence of the second chin, overhang century, etc. The effect of the procedure arises due to warming up of deep skin layers and hypodermic fat cellulose up to 40 degrees. It stimulates development in skin of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin. It gives to skin elasticity and elasticity. Process of rejuvenation does not stop on half a year extent after the procedure.

Laser grinding – new technique of rejuvenation

It is intended for removal of wrinkles. This the method is based on use of the laser which deletes upper layer of skin on which place young fabric appears. The beam of the laser is divided into set of small beams, forming something reminding grid which burns cells of old epidermis. And further from the sites of skin which have remained intact the restoration of new cages begins.

Elos-omolozheniye – the innovation technique of rejuvenation

This method has appeared quite recently, but already has managed to declare itself as very effective remedy of return of youth. It means itself(himself) combination of light radiation and energy of electricity. This method of rejuvenation helps to cope with such problems as vascular asterisks, pigmentation, wrinkles, hems and small scars, dark circles under eyes. Skin gains elasticity and elasticity, at the expense of the elos-rejuvenation of synthesis of collagen resumed by the procedure in skin. Noticeable changes in condition of skin are noted after the first session. The course in general consists of 5-7 procedures with intervals between them in three-four weeks.

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