Interesting hairstyles with pile

Interesting hairstyles with pile

Hairstyles with pile were popular in 60-70 years, but now they have again become fashionable. These hairstyles not only are beautiful and womanly, they can also cardinally change image of any woman.

How to make pile?

The pile needs to be done on clean hair. They need to be dried up by means of the hair dryer and round hairbrush, directing air against growth of hair. Then each lock is combed at roots. After that all combed hair lean back back, and the upper layer is slightly smoothed by brush. Everything is fixed by varnish.

Many consider that the pile can spoil hair, but if it is correct to do it, then it does not happen. For the correct pile it is necessary to use special hairbrush with rare, stupid cloves.

The pile cannot try to be combed at all. It is necessary to wash up the head with the softening balm and, only when hair dry up, it is possible to comb them, beginning from tips to roots. Piles happen two types: in lock and in root. The first is ordinary when each lock on all length of hair is combed. The pile in root is called still tupirovky, it is easy pile which becomes from the inside of hair.

Hairstyles with pile

Any tail can be diversified with pile. The tail with pile will perfectly look both in everyday life, and on celebrations. The pile can be made only at roots, adjusting shape of the head, or from the tail. Hair need to be divided horizontally into two parts. The lower part gathers in tail on occipital part of the head. Upper part is combed lock behind lock and is fixed by hairpins at the basis of already available tail. Babette - one of the most fashionable evening hairstyles. She reminds shell and has volume appearance. This hairstyle requires the special roller for volume. Hair need to be collected in horse tail. The roller by means of hairpins and invisible beings is fixed at the tail basis. Then the roller is covered with the combed hair, they are fixed by elastic band and are sprained under it. The hairstyle is fixed by varnish. Malvinka is hairstyle which is called abroad the Pompadour. Essence of this hairstyle in pile of frontal part of hair. The bang is combed back and fixed by hairpins. Such hairstyle creates visibility of thick hair. The braid with pile - original, but very simple hairstyle, it will be suitable for any action. Hair comb at roots, fixing each lock is delicious. The upper layer needs to be smoothed slightly, then the leaky braid is braided. All hairstyle is fixed by varnish. Instead of the ordinary spit it is possible to braid fish tail. Bandage for hair and pile - one more option differing in originality and singularity. At first it is necessary to put on bandage, then all hair are combed and assigned by elastic band in low tail to bandage. The hairstyle is fixed by varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team