Irreplaceable burdock oil

Irreplaceable burdock oil

The winter for the present does not give in and now it is a high time to be engaged in recovery procedures for hair. In winter icy cold the state even of healthy head of hear worsens. It results from change of street and room temperatures, constant carrying headdresses and the elementary shortage of vitamins and sunlight.

As a result even the smart bush of hair is threatened by the following consequences:

  • dryness;
  • the whipped tips of hair;
  • loss;
  • peeling of integument of the head;
  • fragility of hairs;
  • dimness of color and other.

Of course, it is possible to visit systematically beauty shops or specialized medical institutions, but similar services suit not each woman owing to the shortage of money or time. And here the folk remedies tested for centuries can come to the rescue.

"Grandmother's" means

Since ancient times of the woman treated and recovered hair by means of burdock. They collected roots of burdock and prepared curative broth. Today the market of cosmetology offers wide number of products as a part of which one of the main components is just burdock oil. Therefore at all all do not need to wander searching the known prickle. Roots of burdock infuse on peanut, sesame or any other butter with the increased fat content. It is possible to find saving means both in drugstores, and on shelves of specialized shops.

Features of application

Burdock oil perfectly is suitable for resuscitation of dry and brittle hair and is irreplaceable medicine from dandruff which is result of the same dryness of integument.

Before drawing it is necessary to warm a little oil, it is the most convenient to make it by means of water bath. Then by means of cotton tampons or disks to apply oil on hair and massage movements to rub in skin.

Afterwards we wind the head with film (food), and atop we wrap up with scarf or towel. Remember that the similar procedure has to last no more than three hours. As owing to strong fat content to wash hair quite difficult, it is recommended to wash away burdock oil in two steps.

For those at whom hair by nature have fat structure it is recommended to use this means in tandem with other ingredients — with essential oils of lemon and orange or fresh pulp of grapefruit. In addition, there is set of recipes. Use of burdock oil for two months, certainly, will result in positive result.

And, at last, one more plus of means is the fact that it can be applied on eyelashes, eyebrows, nails, cuticles and on elbow bend from outer side.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team