It is properly correct to moisturize the skin in the winter

It is properly correct to moisturize the skin in the winter

Skin care is replaced together with clothes every season. In the winter special attention should be paid to moistening, because of frost, strong winds and central heating in apartments skin loses natural moisture, its protective layer becomes thinner. Therefore bend all efforts on moisture supply to the unprotected skin.


1. Hot water during the winter period - your enemy. Avoid acceptance of bathtubs and shower with hot water, give preference of warm. In the bathroom it is better to refuse long lezhaniye, at most - 20 minutes. But also these 20 minutes take care of skin - give preference to oils and sea salt instead of foam and gels for bathtubs. They will moisturize and will enrich the skin with minerals which are important for natural balance of water and salts.

2. Refuse spirit lotions and the moisturizing gels in the winter. Spirit lotions quite strongly dehydrate skin that in cold season is especially harmful, and gels because of low temperatures stiffen and do harm mechanical influence. Therefore it is better to lay these cosmetic medicines until spring.

3. You apply fat cream for the night - so you restore balance of moisture. In the morning, before exit to frost, apply the usual moisturizing cream, but e, than for half an hour before it to the street! Use liquid foundation as it, besides elimination of shortcomings, protects skin from harmful effects of the environment. It is better to refuse powder - additional drying of skin in the winter to anything.

4. Use vitamin E and minerals. Vitamin E protects skin from moisture loss and also it is useful to nails and hair. Minerals are not produced by organism therefore intake of zinc, iron, potassium and magnesium is so important from the outside. Minerals maintain water and salt balance. Copper helps production of collagen and elastin on which the elasticity of skin depends.

5. Drink water. The organism for 60% consists of water and at its shortcoming skin grows dull and is shelled. Drink on several glasses in pure day or mineral (but only the dining room), and you will help the skin from within. You remember, the organism is capable to receive missing moisture from vegetables and fruit, use them in large number and every day (also from them you receive vitamins, minerals and useful fibers for work of intestines).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team