Juice of lemon will help to get rid of pigmental spots

Juice of lemon will help to get rid of pigmental spots

Pigmental spots - the problem giving the mass of inconvenience. The main reason of change of skin and emergence of spots on it - violation of natural pigmentation. There is a lot of factors promoting emergence of pigmental spots, and there is also a lot of ways of disposal of them. The most widespread options of return to skin of healthy look and equal color are masks.

It is required to you

  • 1/2 glasses of crude almonds, 1 glass of boiled water, juice 1/2 of lemon of average size


1. The popularity of masks for skin is caused, first of all, by availability of the making components and simplicity of preparation. Any mask can be prepared in house conditions, using nature gifts in combination with additional components. One of types of mix for cleaning of face skin and disposal of pigmental spots - the recipe on the basis of lemon juice.

2. Fresh almonds need to be filled in with abrupt boiled water previously. On 1 glass of hot water to be necessary for you 1/2 glasses of nuts. Almonds have to be in boiled water not less than five minutes. Then water should be merged, and to crush almonds by means of the blender or the meat grinder.

3. From ground nuts add juice of half of lemon to the turned-out gruel. In order that mixture became homogenous, pour in it in one tablespoon of warmish boiled water. All ingredients need to be mixed carefully.

4. The turned-out mix is applied on problem sites of skin and left for 15-20 minutes. The mask by means of water is removed. This procedure should be carried out not more often than two times a week. The general course of disposal of pigmental spots makes usually 30 masks. The main thing - as soon as pigmental spots will become more pale, you should not at once stop using masks with lemon juice. If you try to complete course completely, then it can help not to worry to you throughout long time about possible changes of skin.

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