Kefir in fight for beauty and health

Kefir in fight for beauty and health

is applied by modern women not only as food product and basis of the menu of monodiet. It is used as face pack and hands. Besides, kefir well is suitable for strengthening of hair.

Kefir – source of digestible calcium, natural protein and vitamin D. Fermented milk product quickly normalizes intestinal microflora at the expense of live microorganisms - colonies of thermophilic streptococcus which concentration until the end of expiration date of kefir is safe for health.

Both for internal, and for external application choose ordinary kefir with the smallest expiration date and simple packing. It is better to give preference to the kefir produced on the next to you milk plant. If you buy kefir for the cosmetic purposes, your choice has to fall on the fattest product if your purpose — diet and weight loss, of course, it is necessary to take only the fat-free kefir.

Kefiric diets at the heart of the are based on one fermented milk product complemented with different product components. Kefir helps to grow thin if to combine it only with apples, buckwheat, vegetables, etc. It is possible to adhere to kefiric diet as one fasting day, and 10 days, alternating drink to different products. The acidic environment created by kefir is useful to problem skin. This product applied outwardly quickly restores water balance of skin, effectively fights against microorganisms. Fat kefir – the good cleaning and feeding means for skin. And if to mix kefir with oat flakes, then the excellent peeling for the person will turn out. To improve condition of head skin, make kefiric mask for hair. It will give silkiness and density to head of hear, will stop hair loss and will eliminate dandruff. The main lack of mask - the acid milk smell remaining on the washed-up hair. It is enough to hold kefiric mask on the head 30 minutes, then wash up curls shampoo. Use only cool water that protein in kefir has not turned directly on hair.

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