Kefiric mask for hair

Kefiric mask for hair

Kefir – available and popular means for home care of hair. It is rich with calcium, protein, vitamins E and In and also lactic sticks which intensively feed and strengthen curls. Besides, the kefiric mask effectively restores structure of hair.

The simplest option of kefiric mask is to apply fermented milk product to head skin and hair. To enhance effect of the procedure, put on cellophane hat and wrap up the head with towel. Take means within hour and wash away flowing water and shampoo. Regular application of kefiric mask will save you from such problems as dandruff, fragility and dryness of hair.

Kefir – universal remedy. It can be used for oily hair care. For this purpose stir egg yolk with 1 tsp of natural honey and burdock or almond oil. In ready mix pour in glass of the warmed-up kefir and add several drops of essential oil of rosemary, tea tree or lemon. Means is evenly applied on moist hair. In half an hour wash away kefiric mask warm water with shampoo. In turn, the following structure will be ideal for dry hair: 3 tablespoons of warm kefir, 1 tablespoon of olive, burdock or castor oil, egg yolk. Musk needs to hold within 1 hour.

To improve growth of hair, make mask of juice of one bulb and 1 glass of kefir. At will you can enrich structure, having added 1 tsp of burdock oil and egg yolk. Evenly distribute mix on hair and wrap up the head with polyethylene film. Besides, there is one more effective recipe of the stimulating kefiric mask. Prepare broth from roots of burdock or nettle. Cool and mix with kefir – components need to be taken in equal proportion. Apply means on hair and you hold half an hour. Then wash away warm water without shampoo use. It is recommended to repeat the procedure several times a week. The nutritious mask prepared according to the following recipe will be suitable for all types of hair. Mix half of glass of kefir with 1 tablespoon of cosmetic blue clay. Well mix and rub in roots of hair. In hour wash the head warm water and shampoo. After this procedure the hair will become smooth, silky and volume.

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