Kefiric mask for hair in house conditions

Kefiric mask for hair in house conditions

Hair — indicator not only beauty, but also health of the woman. Well-groomed, beautiful and shiny hairs cause delight of people around. But it is insufficiently simple to wash hair with constant frequency. They need continuous power, for example, kefiric mask. For hair it will become the real panacea.

Kefiric masks for hair very just are preparing. They have very good effect of application, and any hair perfect will help to make addition of various additional elements.

The recipe of the strengthening kefiric mask with burdock oil

Contraindications and side effects from this mask are not observed at anybody. Therefore it can be applied to strengthening of any types of hair quietly. Once a week is recommended to use it. Preparation of this mask will require 200 ml of kefir, and 5-10 drops of burdock oil. Kefir needs to be warmed up, added to it oil and it is good to mix. The mask on all length of hair is put, carefully massing head skin. Then hair are wound with polyethylene film. And are atop closed by warm towel or hat. The mask keeps 2 hours. And then it is washed away with use of usual shampoo.

The mask feeding hair with rye bread

The feeding kefiric mask has to be applied weekly for 2 months. Only then it will be possible to see changes in structure of hair with the naked eye. Preparation of 1 portion of nutritious mask will require 500 ml of kefir, several small pieces of rye bread, 2 tablespoons of juice of onions and 2-3 tablespoons of cognac. Kefir it is necessary to warm up and soak in it bread. Then to add juice of onions and cognac and it is good to shake up. The received weight needs to be applied on hair and to keep under cellophane film and warm towel 2-4 hours. Then the mask is washed away with use of shampoo.

The kefiric mask accelerating growth of hair

Preparation of mask will require glass of kefir and the dried-up burdock root. Kefir needs to be warmed up, and to pound root to condition of powder. Only 2 tablespoons of the received powder are added to kefir. Mix carefully mixes up. The mask is applied on all length of hair, focusing attention on roots of hair. Musk needs to hold at least 30 min.

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