Keratinaceous hair straightening

Keratinaceous hair straightening

The keratinaceous hair straightening is leaving which can be carried out as in professional hairdressing salon, and at home. Its purpose is to saturate hair with keratin. It is protein which is construction material for hair.

The keratin releases the useful properties as a result of very high temperature. Under its influence cuticles open thanks to what medicine fills gaps in structure of hair doing them brilliant and silky. This effect passes in several days. At the correct leaving - in several months.

The procedure of keratinaceous straightening is recommended to people with the curling, static, damaged, porous and dim locks. However this method of straightening should not be used by people, with very injured hair (for example, because of coloring). Processing demands use of very high-temperature rectifier which can damage structure of hair in addition. 

Before decides to visit hairdressing salon, it is necessary to take care of improving condition of locks. For this purpose it is possible to use cosmetics with the high content of keratin (for example, conditioners, masks and the strengthening shampoos).

How does the procedure last long?

Depending on length of locks and experience of the expert, the ritual can borrow till six o'clock (for hair of average length this time can be about two hours).

Keratinaceous hair straightening in house conditions - step by step

Before initiation of treatment it is worth preparing:

  • gloves,
  • bowl for cosmetics,
  • brush for putting medicine,
  • the rectifier or the iron for hair. 


  1. It is necessary to wash up the head to remove dirt - it is desirable twice.
  2. Not to put the conditioner.
  3. To carefully dry up hair.
  4. To begin to apply keratin on all length of locks.
  5. To leave cosmetics for 30 minutes.
  6. To warm the iron for hair up to the temperature of 230 degrees Celsius.
  7. Each lock has to be dried up to five times.

After the procedure not to wash the head within 48 hours thanks to what the effect will longer last. During this time it is not necessary to use conditioners. After the first washing it is necessary to refuse use of the shampoos containing alcohol, salt, silicone and SLS additives.

Keratinaceous hair straightening during pregnancy

The majority of the keratinaceous cosmetics used for hair straightening contain formaldehyde which usually is colourless gas. Because of its toxic effect it should be avoided to pregnant women or the feeding women. Use of the cosmetics containing formaldehyde can worsen condition of hair and cause allergic reaction both in mother, and in the child.

Whether this hair straightening is harmful? Though many people appreciate this procedure, it is necessary to consider the fact that it can give short-term effect. To enhance it, you should not forget about daily leaving with use of conditioners, oils and masks. Admirers of hairdressing salons have to make friends also with the principles of healthy food because the diet has huge impact on condition of hair and health in general. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team