Keratinaceous hair straightening in house conditions

Keratinaceous hair straightening in house conditions

Women like to change constantly something in themselves. And change of hairstyle allows to change image in general. Women with curly hair constantly try to straighten locks various irons and gels, very strongly damaging structure of hair during the procedures. Keratinaceous straightening in house conditions will help to save money, to leave hair healthy and to cardinally change hairstyle.

Keratinaceous straightening in house conditions. Advantages of the procedure

Keratinaceous straightening will help not only to straighten curly hair, but also keeps shade of hair after painting. Thanks to ability to seal split ends of hair, the use of keratinaceous structure became interesting and to owners of straight hair. Also if hair have been strongly injured, then the keratin recovers them. After the procedure of keratinaceous straightening the reviews were practically always positive. Women were delighted with gloss and softness of hair. The hairstyle became ideal, and hair remained straight lines up to 90 days.

Undoubted plus of the procedure is also that there are no contraindications for it. But after all you should not hold it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Keratinaceous straightening in house conditions. How to do

In salons this procedure — very expensive pleasure. But if to acquire set for keratinaceous straightening, then it is possible to save considerably.

The procedure besides means will require the hair dryer, spray, the iron for hair with ceramic covering, hairbrush with small teeths and big round hairbrush.

At the first stage it is necessary to wash well the head with shampoo with keratin. We wipe hair towel and we comb.

In spray the means for hair straightening is gathered. We spray the rectifier on each curl. Means has to be distributed evenly on all length of hair. For this purpose after spraying we comb each lock hairbrush with small teeths. When all hair are processed, it is necessary to wait 15 min. Then hair dry by means of the hair dryer and round hairbrush. Well dry each curl with tension. Depends on it as far as hair will be straight lines.

After all hair are well dried, we begin to level them the iron.

At the end of the procedure we apply special hair serum with keratin and we enjoy result.

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