Kuriozin gel: instruction for application

Kuriozin gel: instruction for application

Kuriozin gel is applied to local treatment of acne rash. The hyaluronic acid capable to support tone and elasticity of integuments is its part and to accelerate process of healing of wounds.

Kuriozin gel – medicine for external application, its main active ingredient is zinc hyalrunate.

Pharmacological properties

Medicine is intended for local treatment of acne rash. Owing to three major pathogenetic factors of development of eels – hyperplasia of sebaceous gland, hyper keratinization of the removing channel of follicle and effect of biologically active agents released under the influence of bacteria - in skin the concentration of hyaluronic acid decreases. It is possible to compensate its shortcoming if to apply Kuriozin gel. Hyaluronic acid is natural polymer of mukopolisakharidny type and important structural element of connecting fabric. The high hydrophily provides formation of dispersive matrix. Reacting with water molecules, it maintains elasticity and tone of integuments.

Kuriozin gel has anti-inflammatory effect. Owing to regeneration of fabrics the concentration of hyaluronic acid increases, and it creates ideal conditions for migration, activation and poliferization of cages, that is restoration process is well under way. Medicine influences both inflammatory elements, and formation of comedones. The medical effect consists in resorption of pustul and papool and also decrease in expressiveness of eritema. Release of endogenous hyaluronic acid is carried out by kidneys.

Method of application

Gel is applied on previously cleaned affected areas of skin with thin layer twice a day. Absorption of medicine is carried out within several minutes therefore application of bandage is not required. Duration of treatment is determined by the doctor depending on form and disease severity. Medicine can cause slight burning sensation which quickly passes. Allergic reactions and feeling of tightening are in certain cases possible if the patient has too dry skin. Contraindication to application is pregnancy, lactation and hypersensibility to medicine components. Gel has no photosensitizing properties therefore it is not capable to paint linen and skin. There are no data on use of medicine for children yet as there are no messages about overdose cases. To store at temperature of +25 °C. In pharmaceutical points medicine is released without prescription of the doctor.

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