Lamination of hair the hands: improvement and shine in house conditions

Lamination of hair the hands: improvement and shine in house conditions

House lamination can become alternative to saloon procedures for hair care. The inexpensive and effective procedure adding to head of hear the volume and gloss is simple performed by and will not demand purchase of expensive ingredients.

House lamination will present to hair shine and intensive protection against aggressive environmental impact. During the procedure each hair becomes covered by invisible film, at the expense of it the head of hear takes well-groomed form. Volume, thick, obedient hair – the result of care in house conditions will be it.

It is possible to do lamination by the hands, having bought express means. Spray which needs to be applied on each lock evenly is applied to improvement of condition of hair. It is not necessary to wash away structure, the film will hold on on hair before the first washing. If to carry out the full procedure of lamination, one spray not to manage. It will be necessary to buy the cleaning shampoo, polymeric reducer, oil for care for tips, the moistening emulsion and protective spray. It is necessary to use such set strictly according to the instruction, and the effect can be observed longer.

Lamination is shown not only for recovery of dyed hair, but also for preservation of brightness of color. The protective film will not allow shade to grow dull for a long time.

However most often edible gelatin is applied to performance of lamination in house conditions. Masks with gelatin saturate hair with nutrients, do them by more elastic, help cages to hold moisture. The procedure will be effective at any type of hair, including, it is possible to carry out leaving after coloring of hair, waves, for treatment of split ends.

Hair care by means of house lamination will not take a lot of time, for achievement of optimum result the gelatinous masks for hair are recommended to be done by courses on 20 procedures within 2-3 months. Components for leaving with gelatin can be found almost in each kitchen. Gelatin will become the main ingredient of masks for house lamination. This product of natural origin does hair strong and healthy. Before drawing mask the head of hear needs to be washed out and dried. Preparation of mix according to the standard recipe requires gelatin, water and balm or hair conditioner. It is possible to use also purchased mask instead of balm.

Besides collagen which does hair elastic and brilliant, gelatin contains a lot of vitamin E, the calcium, iron, magnesium and other substances necessary for care for head of hear.

To make mix for lamination, it is necessary to stir one tablespoon of granules of gelatin with three spoons of warm water. It is necessary to leave weight for gelatin swelling for hour. Then it needs to be dissolved on water bath and to mix with balm, hair conditioner, having taken half of tablespoon of means. On consistence the received mask has to resemble sour cream, watch that it in it remained the dissolved granules. They will stick together curls. It is necessary to apply gelatinous mask for lamination only on locks, without touching head skin. It is possible to wash away mix in 20 minutes under flowing water, in addition it is not necessary to wash the head with shampoo. The recipe can be changed, being guided by state and type of hair. For home care it is possible to use gelatin in combination with burdock, almond oil, honey, oil concentrates of vitamins, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team