Lamination of hair: well or badly?

Lamination of hair: well or badly?

For certain many heard about lamination of hair, here only not everyone can tell with confidence about that this procedure is useful or not. And therefore it is worth understanding and weighing more carefully in everything everything pros and cons.

What is represented by the procedure of lamination?

Lamination of hair is drawing on moist hair of specialized cosmetic structure which is evenly distributed on all length and is exposed to strong heating, thereby there is closing. After holding procedure each hair is separately well protected from any external influences and becomes more dense and elastic.

Advantages and shortcomings of lamination

This procedure from its first application can recover hair, promote otrashchivaniye and externally make them beautiful and healthy. After lamination of lock find gloss and become elastic. You will be able some time (how many, is defined individually) with ease them to stack and to do the most various hair, at the same time they will have magnificent volume. Besides, you will notice the active growth as the sealed tips will cease will break and split, let grow them easy.

If you paint hair, most likely your shade will be long time saturated and bright.

Despite such large number of advantages, the similar procedure has a number of shortcomings about which you without fail have to know. Literally in month you will begin to notice that the effect of the carried-out procedure begins to descend, and your hair after washing of the head become more and more dim and begin to look bad. There are cases when after the first lamination the effect is almost not noticeable, and therefore, perhaps, you will need additional procedures that will cause excess expenditure as lamination can cost rather much.

During procedure badly understanding expert can break technology of its performance and do much harm to your hair even more that can also result in their bad look and additional expenses on restoration.

As you can see, practically nobody gives guarantee that lamination of hair will help you to restore structure and will return beauty. It is also known that the effect keeps rather short period therefore before going to beauty shop, weigh everything pros and cons. If your hair are in a deplorable state, and, in your opinion, nothing except lamination will be able to help them, use house way of holding this procedure. It practically differs in nothing from that which will be provided to you by professionals, at the same time you will be able perfectly to save not only money, but also own time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team