Language piercing: possible consequences

Language piercing: possible consequences

Piercing became very popular among youth in recent years, this way of decoration of body is considered fashionable, beautiful, sexual. However there are less dangerous places for punctures and more dangerous. Language piercing, undoubtedly, concerns the last. So radical intervention in mouth does not take place completely and can threaten organism with serious consequences.

Piercing of language is carried out without anesthesia therefore this procedure can be rather painful. Process healing of wound is always on the lips rather long so will probably be long ill. Behind the place of puncture daily careful leaving and regular processing by antiseptics is necessary. And even in this case serious consequences of piercing of language are very probable.

Hit of infection

Even at observance of all requirements of hygiene of oral cavity the hit in wound of pathogenic bacteria, both from food, and from air is possible. In this case language can inflame, swell up that will complicate not only process of swallowing, but also breath.

Besides, the infection through open wound can directly get into blood-groove and to become the cause of very serious diseases.

Injury of teeth and language

Piercing in language it becomes easy the reason of inflammation of gums as ornament, constantly adjoining to gum, causes at first her irritation, and then and damage. Inflamed gum, in turn, promote shaking of teeth and gradually lead to their loss.

The earring in language also damages enamel and can even lead to tooth chip at the sharp movement.

Violation of diction

The foreign matter in mouth inevitably leads to changes in diction as limits mobility of language that prevents articulate pronunciation of words. Over time the person will get used to piercing, his diction will improve, but till this time it should overcome serious discomfort at conversation.

Consequences of the wrong puncture of language

It is possible to trust carrying out similar operation only to the professional with medical education and sterile tools. Otherwise to do piercing even more dangerously. At non-compliance with conditions of full sterility the client risks to catch the most various diseases from simple herpes to hepatitis and HIV. If the doctor who is carrying out this procedure is not down on to the structure of language, it can accidentally touch nerve when piercing that leads to loss of sensitivity of flavoring receptors, violation of motive functions of language and even necrosis of fabrics.

Hit of the tool in blood vessel conducts to massive blood losses as it is difficult to stop the bleeding from language.

Allergic reaction

The people having tendency to allergy risk to receive reaction to metal of production of ornament for piercing. The continuous contact with irritation source after threading of earring can provoke not only allergic dermatitis, but also Quincke's edema.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team