Life hacks for beautiful hair

Life hacks for beautiful hair

Beautiful hair – pride of each lady. Do you want to try to catch on yourself delighted looks of people around? Note the following life hacks

Laying in two stages

Many women for increase in volume of hair try to choose brush of the largest diameter when laying, wind on it lock of hair and dry phenom. And for some reason nobody at the same time remembers how professionals do laying. It is possible therefore we leave hairdressing salon with volume hairstyle, and houses such are impossible. Observe work of experts. They at first separate hair on one lock, round brush raise them at roots and dry, directing current of air from below up. Then, when volume at roots is increased, style hair on the remained length, either winding, or raising them. Such way of laying allows to achieve the maximum volume.

Volume for fine hair

If fine hair to force and hold volume extremely difficult, but advice of professionals will help you to cope with this problem. The easiest way which is offered by experts is short hairstyle when locks are cut off at different length. At the expense of it the hairstyle will keep volume. But if you the ardent opponent of short hairstyles, at them are council and for you. That hair looked more magnificent, it will be necessary for you: the shampoo increasing the volume of hair, the conditioner of the same brand (that supplemented each other), spray for radical volume and spray-teksturayzer. • Wash up the head this shampoo, then apply not enough conditioner (only on tips of hair) not to make heavier hair of radical zone where you need volume. • Properly dry hair towel and apply on roots, raising hair lock behind lock, spray for volume. Process roots on all surface of the head. • Having hung the head down, sprinkle the ends of hair teksturayzer and at once begin to dry hair phenom in the direction from nape to forehead. Having dried up hair, shake up them fingers for creation of lyrical disorder in hairstyle. At such laying the volume remains within two-three days.

For blondes

Fair hair often gets yellowish or even greenish shade because of the chlorinated water, stay in the smoked room or because of gas contamination of the atmosphere. Such hair untidy look, but it is easy to remove these unpleasant shades. After washing of the head rinse hair at first with soda solution in hydrogen peroxide, and then the water acidified by lemon juice (juice tablespoon on water liter). It will help to remove soda deposit from hair and to add it gloss. To receive soda solution in hydrogen peroxide, dissolve 2 tablets of the hydroperit in glass of warm water, add 0.25 h spoon of baking soda and stir. If you do so after each washing of the head, after a while your curls will get pleasant platinum shade.

Holiday means

Being sent on leave to the sea, take care of hair, having prepared means which will help to close after solar and sea bathtubs cuticles on filaments. Then hair will remain smooth, brilliant and will not turn into tow. Add 3 tablespoons of honey to 200 ml of your hair conditioner and shake bottle until two means mix up in homogeneous mass. After stay on the beach wash up the head and apply a little this funds on moist hair. Distribute it on hair, leave for half an hour, wash away. If you use it every day, you should not recover hair after the holiday.

Do not overdo

All women want to look good on holiday therefore many dye hair before going to the resort, try to do beautiful laying, without thinking that very much harm head of hear. If you want to renew hair color, use for coloring paint without ammonia which does not dry hair. You do not put before laying of means of strong fixing. The pitches which are contained in them under the influence of sunshine destroy cuticles. Choose for washing of the head shampoo with neutral level rn =5.5. Alkaline shampoos strongly dry hair, and they already suffer from sea water and the sun. 

Cosmetics is brightly distinguished from professional cosmetics for hair the Oribe brand – this ruler has been carefully developed by Obre Kanalesy, the ingenious stylist with world name. 

Transition to the new mode

After the holiday by the sea the hair often become so dried up and lifeless what it is simple to kill them also daily washing crime. But how it is possible to go for work with the dirty head? Easily, if to take the necessary measures. They will help to switch over to the new mode of hair care which consists in the termination of daily "dressing down" to give to hair time for restoration. There are several ways to recover the hair which are washed up one or two days ago. Try everything and choose that will suit you more. • For certain you know that excess fat at roots of hair and on head skin can be removed by means of dry shampoo or its cheap alternatives, for example children's powder or usual starch. Apply one of these powders on hair partings, shake and brush the hair. You will see that hair look fresh. • It seems to you that they from it tarnish? Then grease head skin with juice of half of lemon and properly massage it that juice has worked as much as possible. It will remove the remained fat, will add gloss and aroma. • If not freshness of hairstyle, in your opinion, is noticeable not only at roots, but also on hair, you will be helped by sea salt. Dissolve it in water from calculation teaspoon on water liter, spray on all length of hair, and then dry up their phenom on average temperature. • It is possible to manage also one hair dryer. Style hair by means of round brush and the hair dryer at average temperature, and you will understand that laying looks and keeps longer, than on fresh-washed hair. • To put in order the head in marching conditions? Yes it is easy! If you have with yourself unique dry shampoo-spray from "Oriba". This innovation development not just hides shortcomings, but also absorbs radical fat therefore hair become really much cleaner. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray includes large amount of active components which render amazing improving effect on structure of hair. Well, of course, there are ways which do not demand any preliminary procedures at all. Just braid hair to some interesting spit or tie in bunch. For such hairstyles the hair which are not washed two-three days are just necessary. Then the hairstyle will look perfectly.

For appearance your hair

The season of apples has come therefore they can be used safely for masks which will help to recover perfectly curls after flying, to add it gloss, to prevent fragility and to stop formation of dry dandruff. As in apples there are a lot of fruit acids, it is better to apply mask with apple on the dirty, previously moistened hair. For the same reason in head skin it is desirable not to rub structure, and just to put on curls on all length. The head with the put mask can be not covered if oil and honey are not only its part (they "work" in heat better). Time of action of mask no more than half an hour. In the medical purposes (the whipped tips or dandruff) of mask it is possible to do every other day – for oily hair or once in three days – for dry. For hair recovery one mask a week suffices. When the result is achieved, it is possible to take break for month.

So, or from own garden peel apple from the market, remove sunflower seeds and turn into puree, and then add the following ingredients to it: • for food – honey • from dandruff – yolk and home-made cottage cheese • for gloss – honey and oatmeal • for restoration – cream (depending on the natural fat content of hair) • from fragility – vegetable oil • from the fat content of hair – starch and protein.

On tablespoon of apple puree add some honey and oil on teaspoon. Attention! If it is several ingredients, all of them together should not make more than a half of volume of puree. After mask wash the head with shampoo at will. If in its structure there is no fat, it will be rather simple to wash away mask.

Be irresistible!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team