Lifting of breast

Lifting of breast

Many women are dissatisfied with the breast. Most often, it is simple prejudices. But there are cases when really there are esthetic problems and not to do without operation on lifting of breast. What the procedure and what its types exist is.

It is no secret, that presently very many men, arguing on female beauty, draw close attention to her breast. If you have elastic, tightened, high breast – that, most likely, gentlemen and admirers do not give you pass. But what to do to women who after the delivery and chest feeding, with age or just as a result of excess weight cannot brag of beautiful breast? Exit is simple – lifting of breast, or mastopeksiya.

Similar operation will allow you

  • To have high and elastic breast.
  • To reduce the aura
  • To change the size, contours and shape of breast.

As operation on lifting of breast is performed

Before operations it is necessary to undergo comprehensive examination of all organism to be convinced that you are completely healthy as operation though is not dangerous, but at the general illness of organism can give undesirable complications. In case you have addictions – smoking or alcohol, then several weeks prior to operation they should be stopped as they can slow down process of healing of postoperative wounds. Operation is carried out under anesthetic with local infiltration anesthesia.

There are several ways of lifting of breast which usually depend on extent of omission and the size of implants

- The Periareolyarny or crescent method – section of crescent form is carried out only over areola and is the least noticeable. Shown for women with small breast or small omission.

- Vertical – the cut becomes from areola and to fold under mammary gland. Such operation is more difficult, but yields the most expressed results, and therefore is suitable for women with average size of breast.

- Anchor or T-shaped – at this method the additional section under mammary gland which in form reminds anchor becomes. This most invasive intervention, but gives the chance to make tightening with the maximum omission.

The general duration of operation is about 2-3 hours. After that for month it is necessary to wear special linen with compression action. Pain will disappear in week. At the same time feeding by breast remains possible as ferruterous fabric is not damaged. Results of operation will be visible in several months, and you can enjoy new beautiful breast which not only will emphasize your identity, but also will help to feel the full-fledged woman again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team