Lip care

Lip care

When the man looks at the woman, lips are the first on what the look falls by itself. Lips – one of the most seductive and attractive lines in shape of the woman, at all times they attracted attention. Lip care demands not smaller efforts, than cosmetic procedures for face skin or eyes. Besides, the skin on lips is very sensitive. It is thin, has no sebaceous glands, dries from wind and the sun, bursts on frost.

For lip care not only decorative cosmetics, but also medical which would provide them moistening and intensive food and also vitamins necessary for sensitive skin is necessary. Many think that rather just to use good lipstick in order that skin of lips always was as it should be, but it is necessary to consider still something. It is desirable to select lipstick such that vitamins A were its part (provides moistening, promotes disappearance of microcracks in skin), E (interferes with aging of skin of lips, fights against the aggressive environment). It has to be qualitative and not cause allergic reaction. It is necessary to clean lips from lipstick with cosmetic milk, it is not necessary to use water with soap.

Skin of lips begins to grow old even earlier, than skin around eyes. Many look after eyelid skin, but to lips not the smaller attention is required. Today there is set of various care products for lips. It is useful to do peeling of lips from time to time. Every day it is worth doing light massage, it will improve their blood supply and will prevent aging.

It is extremely useful to do exercises for lips. There are several simple and useful exercises: 1. Pretend that you blow out the candle. Then blow slowly and easily. Alternate these exercises ten times. 2. Several seconds with force blow. Then relax and smile. 3. Extend lips forward as small fish and open mouth, make so several times. 4. In conclusion of charging relax and smile to yourself in mirror. It is also very useful … to whistle! Of course, not houses, but outdoors it is possible to indulge! If you have habit to lick lips, then it usually means that they are insufficiently moistened. It is necessary to begin lip care in that case with the organism – every day it is desirable to drink about 1.5-2 liters of liquids, the amount of water has to be not less than a liter. It is very useful to use hygienic lipstick. Various lip balms are also capable to protect gentle skin perfectly. There are also special creams for protection against the sun. Night lip creams promote day-and-night care. During putting cream clap lips fingers a little – it is useful for maintaining elasticity of lips. Masks are very useful to lip care. For giving of smoothness to lips it is possible to mix cottage cheese, cream, to add couple of drops of peach oil. For mask it is required about mix teaspoon, it is necessary to hold it minutes 10. The tea compress refreshes not only eyes, but also lips. The mask from honey put for several minutes works better than many nutritious creams. The mask from butter is very good.

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