Liposuction of stomach at obesity: harm or advantage

Liposuction of stomach at obesity: harm or advantage

Operation on pumping out of fat is capable to change appearance of the person. But whether the person suits it with complex obesity? What waits after operation of the one who had rounded shapes not in one part of body?

Liposuction — features of the procedure

In the course of operation in certain zone 2 small punctures become, through them excessive fat is removed. For one procedure it is possible to remove up to 6 kg of fatty tissue. At the same time the area changes. 

Operation is almost painless, not traumatic, no more than 1 hour last. For once it is possible to remove fat from several areas, for example, from the lower part of stomach and from sides. In a day after the procedure of the patient send home, and in week write out from the sick-list. But to gain the best effect, 3 more months it is necessary to walk in special linen.

Whether liposuction at obesity helps?

If the person has gained excess weight, it is distributed on body evenly or only in certain areas. Liposuction relevant when fat was localized on hips, stomach or even chin. But if all body has grown stout, then impact on one zone will not save.

Removal of fat from stomach will correct silhouette, but fat will be noticeable on hips, back, hands. To remove it from all body with operational method it will not turn out. First, it is very costly, secondly, operation - it is stress for organism, it is not recommended to carry out them often, thirdly, at sharp loss of fatty tissue the body starts over again it accumulating, trying to compensate lost. Liposuction is suitable for 1-2 zones, but not for all body.

Whether fat after liposuction of stomach will return?

In the course of operation the fat cages are removed. Further their restoration demands time therefore again weight is gained slowly. But operation does not guarantee that fat is not formed again. There is probability that the processed area will not acquire any more, but then in other places of deposits can become more. 

Important before the procedure to understand — what has caused set of weight that has served obesity. And if not to remove these reasons, then the result will be short-lived. If the person leads inactive life, then weight will increase all the same. If not habits of healthy nutrition, obesity probability increases too. And if there are hormonal failures, then operation will only strengthen imbalance.

How to remove excess weight?

Before thinking of operation, once you change way of life and to establish the obesity reasons. Having eliminated them, it is possible to reduce weight without operation. Of course, on it time will be required, but new habits will help to hold new forms all life without fear of recurrence.

If independently it is not possible to remove fat, it is necessary to address experts. Nutritionists, sports instructors, psychologists work with weight problem. They help to remove unnecessary weight, support the person and make important recommendations. It is worth beginning with sanatorium for weight loss to get used, and then to adhere to new way of life of the house.

And if after many months of occupations it wants to correct some area, then it is possible to go to the plastic surgeon. But in 85% of cases this need disappears as fat on stomach whether hips hands leaves. 

Liposuction of stomach is relevant for slender people, at obesity it is only excess load of body which does not give desirable effect. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team