Lipstick for eyebrows: the overview how to choose and use

Lipstick for eyebrows: the overview how to choose and use

for eyebrows — the innovation cosmetic product which quite recently has appeared in the domestic market. Color is means can have black, brown, cream, dark gray. But on structure, unlike traditional shadows and pencils, such cosmetics reminds usual lipstick.

Thanks to dense, soft and at the same time dense texture, lipstick for eyebrows is very easily applied and well keeps throughout the day. Hairs under it lie very exactly and do not puff up.

As producers add the special reflective ingredients painted by it eyebrows to means of this type look most naturally.

How to pick up lipstick

The companies specializing in production of cosmetics supply to the market this new product in three main forms. Today it is possible to buy fondant for eyebrows in shape:

  • pencil;
  • gel;
  • cream.

Lipstick pen — the cheapest and simple option of this cosmetic. Such cosmetics resembles usual lipstick for lips superficially. It is worth buying lipstick in this form to the women leading active lifestyle. Its main advantage the possibility of fast correction of eyebrows at any time is considered.

Lipstick-cream is the most widespread and popular option of means. Such cosmetics in jars on 3-4 g is on sale. Apply lipstick-cream on eyebrows with use of brush. It is worth buying creamy means to the women who have already well got the hand in coloring of eyebrows. Such cosmetics on face very naturally looks. However its drawing on eyebrow — business is technology relative difficult.

Lipstick for eyebrows in the form of gel is bought generally only by professionals. Refer the color as close as possible to natural to unconditional advantages of this form. The eyebrows tinted by lipstick-gel look just perfectly. However it is actually very difficult to put such means. Besides after use of such lipstick it is necessary to wait some time for its drying.

To smear the first several minutes lipstick-gel very easily. But in the subsequent this option of cosmetics keeps on eyebrows most long.

As put means

Women, thus, generally buy lipstick for eyebrows in the form of pencil or cream. Use the first type of means as well as lipstick. That is if necessary just accurately add eyebrow pencil.

For putting lipstick-cream it is necessary to get good brush first of all. It is desirable to buy such brush at which one party is slanted, and the second represents brush.

When using such brush, lipstick is applied on eyebrows with the slanted party, and then carefully pounded brush. At first brush gain small amount of lipstick and carry out by her along eyebrows, filling them from within.

Further to give clearnesses to contours, carry out by brush with lipstick on upper and bottom edge of eyebrows. At the final stage the means is carefully shaded.

It is necessary to shade lipstick during the work as brush surely. Otherwise eyebrows will seem drawn. For fixing of effect of eyebrow after use of lipstick it is possible to cover with transparent gel in addition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team